Second ride of the year

Volume 16, Issue 5; 19 Mar 2013

Defying all odds and several Las Vegas predictions, I managed two rides in two days.

Second ride: 25.9 miles at 13.0 mph. Kind of a dull ride, really, just out and back to Crate & Barrel.

Some observations on bike riding in Austin:

  • Lots of duallies and other big trucks (of which there are many in Austin) have side mirrors that stick out a fair bit. Beware.

  • Not all drivers demonstrate the consideration for bicycles that one (on a bicycle) would wish.

  • There are many bike-friendly trails and many streets have wide bike lanes.

  • That being said, the city doesn't hesitate to simply let them evaporate at will. The intersection of Steck Ave and the North Mopac access road being a particularly nasty case in point. The bike lane vanishes and the cars all crowd to the right in an effort to turn onto the access road. This is, of course, under a bridge and up a steep incline. There's really no where to go and no choice but to assert your right to the roadway and hope no one in an urban assault vehicle (AKA SUV) runs you over.

  • I do not expect to post essays of this form with annoying frequency.

  • To the slightly pudgy and out of shape, a 26 mile ride bears only a very casual similarity to a 10 mile ride. I'm just saying.


There's a nice bike trail that lets you cut to Far West Blvd from Shoal Creek Blvd just across from Northwest Park. It's easy to miss is you haven't taken it before, but if you get to Anderson you've gone too far.

—Posted by David Cramer on 27 Apr 2013 @ 01:49 UTC #