The short-form week of 10–16 Jun 2013

17 Jun 2013; last modified 19 Jun 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Tuesday at 10:36am

@ndw Remember when you told me to get the latest version of the Schematron stuff? Guess what I forgot to do? #itworksnow—@bsletten

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@ndw Incidentally, I’m going to be in Austin 6/28-7/1. Love to grab beer/dinner if you are available.—@bsletten
@bsletten Absolutely. DM me an email addr and we'll figure something out!—@ndw

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200 aircraft with 100+ channels of live TV mean more entertainment options in the sky. #unitedprogress—@united
@united TV? Meh. In seat power and wifi, please.—@ndw
@ndw They have in-seat power in many of the updated configs, and I was on my first UA plane w/ Wi-Fi last week. Behind the times, but comin!—@hungarianhc

Tuesday at 08:15pm

Perhaps if there was less yak—@zunguzungu

Tuesday at 08:52pm

today is a good day to reinvent the wheel.—@ruidlopes

Tuesday at 09:47pm

Your password must contain a capital letter, four numbers, two roman numerals, five Shel Silverstein books, a line from Castaway and a tree.—@TooLateTheKevin

Wednesday at 05:54pm

Steve Dallas. #pearlsbeforeswine #awesome—@ndw

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@ndw <birthday kind="happy"/>—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens Thanks!—@ndw

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@ndw Happy Birthday!—@tom_yamahito
@tom_yamahito Thanks!—@ndw