The short-form week of 1–7 Jul 2013

08 Jul 2013; last modified 11 Jul 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 02:51pm

MOVIE FACT #216: James Cameron got the idea for Terminator after seeing a pirate video of Terminator 2—@jasongorman

Monday at 03:28pm

Engineers are terrible in first aid class. When asked "what's the best way to lessen or stop bleeding?" we invariably say "stop the heart."—@jamesiry

Monday at 03:59pm

Based on all the excitement & development around new feed readers, I'd like Google to kill Calendaring, Maps & Translate next.—@obra

Monday at 04:11pm

❝ To live well in a free society, you must embrace discomfort. You must be willing, in equal measure, to listen a...—@nazgul

Monday at 04:24pm

Promising to write is easy. Actually writing is hard.—@bphogan

Monday at 05:14pm

The #NSA walks into a bar, orders a beer. Bartender: "Domestic or imported?" NSA: "What's the difference?"—@NeinQuarterly

In a conversation that started on Monday at 06:24pm

If the helpdesk tells me to downgrade my browser to complete mandatory security training, can I placement test out by saying "OH HELL NO"?—@hillbrad
@hillbrad Yes, surely.—@ndw

Monday at 08:15pm

There's a species of orchid that look like a monkey's face. It grows in Peru and Ecuador—@Fascinatingpics

Tuesday at 05:23pm

Deal: Egypt gets Snowden, Russia gets Morsi, the US gets Pussy Riot and Ecuador gets Rick Perry. #everybodywins—@fvdlfvdl

Tuesday at 08:32pm

It goes on and on. It's hard to find a single area of US political/social life that isn't about wealth now vs. future needs.—@AlexSteffen

Wednesday at 09:35am

Yes, I think @Carnage4Life pretty much nails it:—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:38pm

Nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be.—@geuis

Wednesday at 05:13pm

Horns of a dilemma. There’s no good functional alternative to Photoshop/Lightroom but paying them $39/mo just seems like giving in. *sigh*—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:42pm

I'm guessing the person who decided to call it 'common sense' didn't know that many people.—@Will___Ferrell

Wednesday at 09:51pm

RT @duncan: "Your selected content will play in xx seconds" == HATE; HATE; CMD-W;—@ndw

Thursday at 07:12am

XML Stars, the journal is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ndw—@dominixml

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 07:14am

I wonder sometimes, i.e., every time I use it, if the Austin American-Statesman online edition was designed to have an actively hostile UI.—@ndw
@ndw Kinda like the attitude of the paper to its readers. Maybe @jkelso can still save us (former) readers.—@jeff_iezzi
@ndw no use talking about the @statesman behind it-s back-—@drabshadow
@drabshadow @statesman I wasn't really trying to use Twitter as a forum to reach them. OTOH, if the aren't aware of uses of their own name..—@ndw
@ndw @drabshadow Hello! Can I ask you to give me more details about what kind of problems you're seeing with our website?—@statesman
@statesman @ndw user experience #ux is unfocused and user interface #ui is confusing- monetizing strategy is out-dated causing resentment—@drabshadow
@drabshadow @ndw So you're talking specifically about MyStatesman? If you'd like to, you can give feedback here:—@statesman
@statesman @drabshadow I mean specifically the digital edition. That awful Flash thing by Olive Software. I’ll send feedback.—@ndw
@ndw they are switching over to a subscription based business model- focusing all their design energy on #fuckflash—@drabshadow
@ndw @statesman never know when twerps are going to respond in thirty seconds to address your concerns- or whether you can be the last straw—@drabshadow
@ndw Happy 4th!—@kendall
@kendall Thanks! Uh, happy 5th to you :-)—@ndw

Thursday at 06:46pm

Isn't this the day we celebrate our liberation from an unrepresentative government that abused our civil liberties?—@JPBarlow

Friday at 07:11am

#odifridays @PatrickRiot "code is words that work, that make things happen, just like magic"—@JeniT

Friday at 06:06pm

RT @kendall: ☆。★。☆。★ 。☆ 。☆。☆ ★。\|/。★ Some day you, too, shall die. ★。/|\。★ 。☆。。☆ ☆。 ★。 ☆ ★—@ndw

Saturday at 05:24am

'Well, fuck them, and fuck that.' (on RSS and google reader) via @bowbrick—@libbymiller

Sunday at 06:27am

Three words: fried duck wings.—@ndw

Sunday at 06:55am

Here comes an encrypted endorsement or warning for tiny little bones with hardly any flesh on them: RT @ndw: Three words: fried duck wings.—@knelistonie

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 12:19pm

Burned my thumb. BBQ ain't free.—@kendall
@kendall I reached across in front of a blowtorch yesterday and I've no BBQ to show for it!—@ndw
@bsletten recurring meme: /cc: @ndw—@mamund
@ndw Ugh! You ok?—@kendall
@kendall Yeah. Almost more embarrassing than painful. And pretty much all better now. Didn’t take me long to realize my error!—@ndw

Sunday at 01:15pm

TCP packet walks into a bar, “Hello, I’d like a beer.” The barman says: “Hello, you’d like a beer?” “Yes,” replies TCP, “I’d like a beer.”—@shanselman

Sunday at 01:31pm

When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. Every single one of them. Do not look at the stars. Do not talk to the stars.—@NightValeRadio

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Huh. Wonder if there's a place to get MBP power adapter at SeaTac airport? Related, guess who forgot his at home? Some things never change.—@duncan
@duncan Change or charge?—@ndw

Sunday at 05:22pm

When a Listserve email begins with "I am 21, and.." I'm just gonna start deleting it immediately. Unless they are mathematicians.—@codinghorror

Sunday at 07:28pm

RT @kendall: I'm carrying a rainbow flag to St Petersburg where I'm giving a keynote in October because fuck homophobia.—@ndw