The short-form week of 8–14 Jul 2013

15 Jul 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

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Burned my thumb. BBQ ain't free.—@kendall
@kendall I reached across in front of a blowtorch yesterday and I've no BBQ to show for it!—@ndw
@bsletten recurring meme: /cc: @ndw—@mamund
@ndw Ugh! You ok?—@kendall
@kendall Yeah. Almost more embarrassing than painful. And pretty much all better now. Didn’t take me long to realize my error!—@ndw

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Spreading the manure thickly ... Gardening or grant writing?—@jahendler
@jahendler Yes.—@ndw

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So. @exploregod made the front page of the Austin paper. For the record, I have absolutely no questions about your imaginary friend.—@ndw
@ndw The "we create content" bit in the @exploregod bio seems particularly apt.—@wdonohue

Monday at 03:58pm

The increasingly ubiquitous social sharing prompts at the end of user workflows are the “exit through the gift shop” of consumer computing.—@al3x

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looking at the diffs of the diffs—@mdubinko
@mdubinko Ah, regression testing.—@ndw

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“For instructions … follow this link to our video.” Oh, puleeez. Yes, video can be a boon for some instruction, but for most things: words.—@ndw
@ndw yup, recently I have the feeling that the “young generation” lost the ability|concentration to read more than 3 sentences—@olivierjeulin

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"source ~/.bash_history" <- A colleague just recounted the story of when he ran this. You shouldn't.—@DRMacIver
@DRMacIver Oh dear. No, you shouldn't. Ouch!—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:27am

Democracy: the idea that the people who write YouTube comments should be able to choose who runs the country. Be ...—@tommorris

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Gas pumps that blare commercials at you. #hatefulthings—@ndw
@ndw Annoying to the point of making me avoid those stations. #shell—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @ndw Same here, I am also avoiding #Shell stations, just because of this. Which, as long as there is choice isn't a problem.—@avernet
@ndw amazed that's a thing at all! Blimey.—@psd

Wednesday at 01:09pm

Stop Glorifying Hard Work and Long Hours—@lmorchard

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A journey that would have taken months 200 years ago and I'm annoyed by a 4 hour delay. #airtravel #firstworldproblems—@ndw
@ndw Hans Rosling's TED talk "The magic washing machine" also puts these things into perspective.—@EileenOttawa

Thursday at 10:13am

RT @chris_biow: @cdhayes I'm concerned with future misuse of surveillance by people who wrote policy based on a legal declaration that tort…—@ndw

Thursday at 05:33pm

Colleague "You spelt analyze wrong" Me "Your whole country spelt analyse wrong"—@RobVesse

Friday at 09:50am

2003: "I replaced you with a set of very small shell scripts." 2013: "I replaced your scripts with a six-figure enterprise DevOps platform."—@NeckbeardHacker

Friday at 12:37pm

May have just stumbled across a 1979 paper highly relevant to unsolved problems in semantic modeling. #Balisage—@mdubinko

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The Texas legislature is an embarrassment to the entire Universe.—@BadAstronomer
@BadAstronomer Pretty much. I feel so much better about the TX drivers license that arrived in the mail yesterday. :-/—@ndw

Friday at 03:44pm

Use less JavaScript.—@defunkt

Friday at 03:50pm

BREAKING: @TheOnion tearfully announces they're ceasing publication immediately, explaining that they can't compete with the #txlege—@HCookAustin

Friday at 04:44pm

A what point does the mockery of a parody of a mockery of a parody of a sham in #texas cause a black hole to form:—@dhmspector

Friday at 05:12pm

seen on FB: Keep Calm and Tamp On #TamponGate—@jahendler

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I am totally unimpressed by being told I'm naive & most cricketers do it. That just means most cricketers are dishonest, which is even worse—@RichardDawkins
@RichardDawkins I tend to think "everyone else does it" must be the single worst reason for doing anything.—@jcrichards1976

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Why is winning so important. Why is winning more important than decency? Wouldn't you rather lose honestly than win dishonestly? Seriously?—@RichardDawkins
@RichardDawkins If you win dishonestly, I can't believe that you really FEEL as if you've won—@OllieThorpe97
@OllieThorpe97 @RichardDawkins if you accept the philosophy "by any means necessary", perhaps you lose the notion of "winning dishonestly".—@ndw
@RichardDawkins Somewhere along the line we seem to have forgotten that "it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."—@ndw

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Another parental setback: at 6 years old, my daughter has decided that she likes mustard on her hamburgers.—@siracusa
@siracusa I like mayo. Are we still friends?—@liza
@liza You were always an odd duck, so sure.—@siracusa
@siracusa I just don't like ketchup okay??—@liza
@liza @siracusa "No." But ok anyway, I guess.—@ndw

Friday at 07:31pm

If you like Ayn Rand go fuck yourself.—@tunixman

Friday at 09:13pm

bureaucracy: job centers with no jobs for misfits. misfits create their own jobs: entrepreneurs. government support for them? bureaucracy.—@dscape

Saturday at 03:11am

Descartes walks into a bar. “Beer?” asks the barman. “I think not” replies Rene, who disappears.—@JohnRentoul

Sunday at 02:21pm

It's raining glass. HD 189733b: It is a huge gas giant orbiting very close to its host star. The planet's...—@jwz

Sunday at 03:39pm

“This is what the worship of death looks like.” RT @JWilliamJames: bell hooks says a great thing—@neilio

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Nine Random Misconceptions About Atheists—@LeaVerou
"We don’t think we have the answers. We don’t think you have the answers" Misconceptions about atheists via @LeaVerou—@amyvdh