The short-form week of 29 Jul–4 Aug 2013

05 Aug 2013; last modified 16 Aug 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 05:28pm

A Manhattan in Manhattan. Hello New Yawk City. #potentpotables—@ndw
@ndw jealous—@alexmilowski

Monday at 09:55am

OH: "A cache without a discard policy is a memory leak."—@CompSciFact

Monday at 10:36am

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, offer him a fishing certification and he'll open up a consultancy without ever having seen a fish.—@danlyke

Monday at 04:31pm

RT @Wyrm201: @neilhimself For those that aren't bothered because they don't watch porn, this sums it up:—@ndw

Monday at 04:44pm

I'll be ready sometime next month to go back to work tomorrow.—@kendall

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@ndw yr the first to know: we've got Stardog & ML integrated such that ML uses Stardog as an OWL reasoning black box. Just a POC but still.—@kendall
@kendall That’s hotness, man!—@ndw
@ndw We'll demo for MicahD on Thur if you want to join.—@kendall
@kendall Send me an invite. I’m in WG meetings in NYC this week, but I’ll join if I can—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 07:51pm

Frustrated by lack of sync between Contacts and Google, I contemplate enabling CardDAV syncing. Predict dups and confusion, pain and anger.—@ndw
@ndw please do—@crichey
@ndw as an android and macbook user, i feel your pain. Let us know how it goes.—@pjkelly5
@pjkelly5 I backed up my Contacts first. I’ll report the results.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 08:13am

Ok, CardDAV sync did an impressive job. I didn’t get the sea of spurious duplicates that I expected. We’ll see how it goes—@ndw
@ndw the obvious next steps are MusicDav, MovieDav, SocialDav and BookDav. /cc @jreschke—@mnot
@mnot Yep. Followed by FacebookDav, TwitterDav, etc. ad nauseum. *sigh*—@ndw
@mnot @ndw @jreschke i'm more of a PunkDav guy. But when http is done, you guys just go ahead.—@icing

Tuesday at 12:21pm

Remember, you can torture with impunity, but if you tell the public about torture and other criminal acts by government, you go to jail.—@dangillmor

Tuesday at 02:44pm

An Oxford comma walks into a bar. Orders a gin, and tonic.—@NeinQuarterly

Tuesday at 08:42pm

Ok, at the risk of being identified as a hipster doofus, the “secret” entrance to PDT is sort of a hoot. And the cocktails are interesting.—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:23pm

Documents, durable and re-usable over time, still matter. You should care. #XML PSA.—@alexmilowski

Wednesday at 07:28pm

"my thing used to work and now it doesn't" is not a bug report, it's the human condition. Report it to the upstream Maintainer—@Pinboard

Wednesday at 07:31pm

Blueberry leather filled with dehydrated cheesecake. #afterdinnernibbles #yum—@ndw

Thursday at 11:55am

work/life = cannot divide by zero—@gridinoc

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github gives some love to XSLT and XProc and lists em under their language page—@xquery
@xquery Nice!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 06:52pm

RT @argv0: fav = retweet for cowards—@kendall
@kendall I dunno. I publish all my favs, so I don’t think of it as cowardice. I RT infrequently on the assumption it’d be redundant.—@ndw
@ndw pretty sure it was a joke :)—@kendall

In a conversation that started on Friday at 03:24pm

Accomodation for next week in Montreal starting to look shaky. Any cheap last minute hotel recommendations anyone? // @bopuc @ndw @laurendw—@fidothe
@fidothe Sorry. Nothing springs to mind.—@ndw

Sunday at 09:35am

Montreal accomodation all sorted, as you were & thanks // @bopuc @ndw @laurendw—@fidothe