The short-form week of 21–27 Oct 2013

28 Oct 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

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If I bought a bottle of wine, could I carry it as hand luggage on a flight?—@rem
@rem Only if you buy it in duty free after passing through security. And only if your itinerary won't force you through security again.—@ndw

Monday at 08:28am

TSA Pre is like airport security in a free country.—@gruber

Monday at 08:52am

I think therefore I angst—@psd

Monday at 12:38pm

Prediction: CSS Selectors Level 6 will be an ad hoc, unreadable implementation of half of XPath 1.0. #css #xpath #xml—@ebruchez

Monday at 12:58pm

On the road again. IAH then AMS. #xmlamsterdam—@ndw

Monday at 02:11pm

It doesn't help that GOP threatened everyone who wanted to help succeed with treason...—@kendall

Monday at 02:45pm

Enormous hulk of a man, heavily tattooed, hot pink carry-on. Easy to spot I guess.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:40am

Arrived AMS. SIM acquired. Onwards!—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:20am

Almost left my suitcase on the train. Almost. #jetlag—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:27am

«Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll make a web site.” Now they have » from @xunker—@sideshowbarker

Tuesday at 10:33am

“Fish packaging and hotel management recruitment in Canada” That’s an interesting combination. Machine generated spam?—@ndw

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OMG. They put my picture on the banner. #xmlamsterdam—@ndw
@ndw That’s definitely stardom.—@ebruchez

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Keynote by Brian Walsh at @XMLAmsterdam was insightfull. Bit hostile to webdevs though. Would love to discuss html with him—@devatwork
@devatwork You probably meant @ndw.. ;-)—@XMLAmsterdam
@XMLAmsterdam @ndw Yup, it was very intresting to hear a different opinion. Semantic value vs. rendering support. #xml #html5—@devatwork
@devatwork @XMLAmsterdam Gosh, I didn't mean to be hostile.—@ndw
@ndw @XMLAmsterdam No worry, we were not really offended. I think it is a great discussion #XML vs #HTML5—@devatwork

Wednesday at 03:10am

Wednesday at 03:13am

O.O: <XML /> … RT @Markup_Fanatic: "15 years of XML" - @ndw at #XMLAmsterdam—@XMLArbyter

Wednesday at 03:30am

The XML Stack at BBC Future Media uses #XProc (and #XMLCalabash). Sweet. #XMLAmsterdam—@ndw

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I wonder if doing XML Calabash V2 in #Scala will be good or bad for third party investigation/hacking/extension.—@ndw
@ndw Hard to say! Stories: 1. The Python Paradox ( 2. Discourse back to JS from CoffeeScript (—@ebruchez

Wednesday at 05:05am

Post-presentation adrenaline crash. Jet lag struggling to get the upper hand. Must resist.—@ndw

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I seem destined to buy a new MacBook Pro. I suppose there’s no reason to wait any longer, is there?—@ndw
@ndw What about legacy (stickers)?—@evlist
@evlist I have new stickers waiting in the wings. I wonder if I could ebay my old laptop as a work of art?—@ndw
@ndw Mine is ordered!—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @ndw I was also 2 days ago, went to an A. Store, found out they don't do anti-gloss anymore. I need to see what's on the screen!—@fgeorges
@ebruchez @ndw Really need to find alternative. Can't buy from a company that decides for me I don't like 17" and I want a mirror as screen.—@fgeorges
@fgeorges @ndw It probably follows that you can’t buy from any company then!—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @ndw Well, true, sadly... But the mirror, really? Don't tell me there is no demand for anti-gloss.—@fgeorges
@fgeorges @ndw I always ordered the anti-gloss too. Using most of the time w/ external monitor though, so less of an issue.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @fgeorges I always got hi gloss on the impression that it gave more saturated colors. Glare was very rarely a problem for me.—@ndw
@ndw @ebruchez @fgeorges Depends upon having sources of brightness facing the screen :-) (just getting my coat ...)—@aljopainter
@fgeorges @ndw BTW my understanding is that the screens are less glossy than they used to be.—@ebruchez
@ndw Nope. Now is the best time and this model finally has the new chips.—@bsletten
@ndw Same here. I *hate* Apple closed philosophy, but their hardware rocks. I wait until January to see what @sony or @lenovo propose.—@ColinMaudry

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“A keynote in six pictures.” Alas, my Google+ autoformatter did something weird with the pictures :-/ #XMLAmsterdam—@ndw
@ndw Is there a larger picture of that last slide you have on this blog article? Interesting perspective on the XML standards..—@grtjn
@grtjn I’m going to fix that posting when I get a chance, for the moment, bigger versions are behind the 2013-10-23 link.—@ndw

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Geez. First time I don’t have to MC #DemoJam and I’ve been persuaded to demo. #peerpressure #XMLAmsterdam—@ndw
@ndw @RemonSinnema And now you've been immortalised as well.—@tingenek

Wednesday at 12:13pm

@ndw needs to use Servlex to speed up his MarkLogic dem jams!—@fgeorges

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3rd demo at XML Amsterdam demo jam is XForms too—@stevenpemberton
@stevenpemberton \o/ Great! Hope they convince @ndw to put XForms a few more pixels to the success side in his slides ;-)—@windauer
@windauer @stevenpemberton Fair enough. I sure want to.—@ndw

Thursday at 03:14am

Interesting news from Egypt: they opened a tomb and found a body mummified in chocolate & nuts. It's believed to be Pharaoh Rocher.—@brucel

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Please don't see Ender's Game—@tommorris
@tommorris Count me in. I read the book years ago and enjoyed it, but I'll skip the movie.—@ndw

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Hadn't got a chance to vote at @MarkLogic DemoJam y'day, because of my train, but the Monty Pythons vid w/ @ndw was hilarious! #xmlamsterdam—@fgeorges
@fgeorges Yep, @xokomola took first prize, @rkw01 second, @stevenpemberton third! cc @MarkLogic @ndw #xmlamsterdam #demojam—@grtjn
@grtjn Excellent! @xokomola, you have to publish it :-) (if @MarkLogic and @ndw agree, of course) Laughing alone just thinking about it!—@fgeorges

Friday at 02:45am

Buh bye AMS. Hope to be back next year! #XMLAmsterdam—@ndw

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@grtjn @MarkLogic @ndw @fgeorges thanks for the praise, it's now on have fun and share—@xokomola
Hilarious! RT @xokomola @grtjn @MarkLogic @ndw @fgeorges thanks for the praise, it's now on … have fun and share—@fgeorges

Friday at 07:09am

Winner of @MarkLogic DemoJam: @Xokomola with his Monty Python video of XML Rockstar @ndw #XMLAmsterdam—@Markup_Fanatic

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Eight hours on a plane. Piperack, a restful #XMLCalabash server mostly works. Restlets for @alexmilowski—@ndw
@ndw sounds cool! will it be on github ? Funny we also use Restlet in our “DAISY Pipeline” stuff ;)—@rdeltour
@rdeltour yes. I plan to check it in this week. Just need to get Saxon 9.4/9.5 branches sorted.—@ndw
@ndw Restlets? Please explain for us slow people.—@alexmilowski
@alexmilowski Haven’t you been extolling the virtues of to me?—@ndw
@ndw Yes, I have. I already have an integration with Calabash. You're welcome to the code. It has a bunch of nice endpoint binding bits.—@alexmilowski
@alexmilowski I just wrote the restful service parts for Piperack with restlets.—@ndw
@ndw Piperack?—@alexmilowski
@alexmilowski Wrote it on the plane back from AMS. Lightweight web server that runs XProc pipelines. Suggested by someone at #XMLAmsterdam—@ndw
@ndw How does it relate to servlex of @fgeorges ?cc @alexmilowski—@grtjn
@grtjn I guess it's more dedicated. Using Servlex, it'd have taken way less than 8h :-) @ndw @alexmilowski Any link?—@fgeorges
@fgeorges @grtjn @alexmilowski Perhaps. Doc links are broken at the moment, FYI.—@ndw
@ndw Thanks, fixed now. BTW, the doc on is more up-to-date, when available (in Install and Config).—@fgeorges
@fgeorges @grtjn @ndw Right now it is mixed up with the Atomojo APP server but is completely separable.—@alexmilowski
@ndw Hah! I have that too in Restlet. That's what all my #MarkLogic / / code runs on. ;)—@alexmilowski
@ndw Piperack is a better name than what I have. Code might need to be merged.—@alexmilowski
@alexmilowski I'll commit it this week so you can critique it. I'm quite pleased with how it came out.—@ndw

Friday at 02:50pm

If Germany and France are really outraged about NSA spying, they should offer Edward Snowden asylum for revealing it.—@trevortimm

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Run pipeline: 9 seconds. Run it in Piperack: 0.2 seconds. JVM startup tax. #XMLCalabash—@ndw
@ndw Demojam!! ;-)—@grtjn

Friday at 04:15pm

I’m only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.—@MadHattaSays

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@ndw Thinking about supporting XML Catalogs. Is using Apache impl reasonable? I see you as author.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @ndw I'd probably vote for .....—@dizzzz

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Oh, look! Boxes of Sonos. How sweet it's going to sound! #homecoming /cc @JoshNarva—@ndw
@ndw Tempted. Do you already have experience with them?—@ebruchez

Saturday at 05:53pm

I knocked Aviate for their video home page but I concede it's a pretty sweet launcher /cc @timbray—@ndw

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Like anyone needed another reason to avoid broccoli:—@mdubinko
@mdubinko And here I am eagerly awaiting the first florets from the winter crop. Risotto stuffed squash blossoms while I wait. Yum!—@ndw