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Volume 17, Issue 4; 04 Mar 2014

Who art thou? Thou art the sum of all thy posts.

This mortal life is a little thing, lived in a little corner of the earth; and little, too, is the longest fame to come—dependent as it is on a succession of fast-perishing little men who have no knowledge even of their own selves, much less of one dead and gone.

Marcus Aurelius

It has been a source of minor embarrassment to me for many years that the “what's new” section of has been so utterly moribund. The sad truth is that, although I consider to be my “home page”, much of what I used to use it for has been superceded by other sites: my random musings go on my weblog, flippant observations go on Twitter or Google+, photographs go on my photo site, projects are most likely to go on Github (at least today), etc.

As it happens, I actually archive all of those sites. I keep my data close to my chest. I think the cloud is the greatest thing ever, and I expect the things I put in it to have a durability roughly equivalent to the durability of the fluffy white things in the sky. I'm weird, ok, I care about the data I produce. It's mine and I don't trust you to preserve it for me.

I recognize that this is something like the digital equivalent of hoarding but I don't feel any great compunction about it.

It occurred to me not long ago that I could synthesize a much more dynamic “what's new” section for simply by syndicating the various things that I archive. This lead quickly to a little ≅300 line MarkLogic server that collates the atom feeds from sites of interest and republishes them in HTML.


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