Tarot scoring

Volume 17, Issue 10; 14 Oct 2014

Score keeping for the French card game Tarot is way too difficult, especially after a couple of cocktails. Here's my attempt to fix that problem.

Tarot is a French trick-taking card game. There are variations for three, four, or five players. Play requires a special deck of cards with 21 trumps, four suits of 14 cards, and a fool. The cards are an aesthetically pleasing shape and the decks I've seen have all been beautiful. You can find the rest of the rules on the Wikipedia French tarot page, of course.

It's a fun game, but the scoring is…complicated. Given, as I said, that we usually play after a couple of cocktails, often too complicated.

The answer, clearly, is a web app to do the scoring! Well, we all thought that was the clear answer, especially if I was tapped to write it.

So I have. It's hosted on tarotscore.nwalsh.com and GitHub.

The current state of play is that I have the scoring page for four players but not three or five. Also, it's just about as ugly as sin. They're called “pull requests”, folks.

I plan to implement it as an “offline” app at some point, but I haven't had the time yet.

Share and enjoy!

P.S. If you're struggling for cocktail recipes, I've got that covered to.


Nice :) Out of curiosity, how do you keep count of the tricks details (number of Roi, Dame, Cavalier, etc) to fill your form ? Do you do one pass for each value (time consuming) ? Or sort the cards (some players don't like shuffling cards as they like to use their memories of the previous game's tricks to estimate the card distribution) ?

I'm probably biased (Tarot is quite popular for us French), but I for one would find it more convenient to be able to count the tricks score manually and fill up the total, the app would then calculate the final score with the coefficient and bonuses.

Btw, you probably know, but the common trick to count the score is to group cards by pairs, with at least one regular card in it. That way, a pair with 1 Roi or 1 bout is 5 points, a pair with 1 valet is 2 points, a regular pair is 1 point, etc. Much easier to count that way!

—Posted by Romain Deltour on 15 Oct 2014 @ 07:27 UTC #

This Android app has good reviews: TarotDroid (Points counter)

—Posted by Derek Read on 16 Oct 2014 @ 11:43 UTC #

Romain, we just lay out the cards and sort them in piles. It never occurred to me not to shuffle between games. If you want to update the app after each trick, you certainly can, nothing happens until you hit the record button.

Derek, thanks for the link. I did a casual search for apps before I started mine, but must have missed that one.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 23 Oct 2014 @ 04:31 UTC #