The short-form week of 10–16 Nov 2014

17 Nov 2014; last modified 23 Nov 2014

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 02:48am

Check out #Cloak Tor router @ndw Open source & custom made @Reclaim_Privacy—@prabaganesan

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@rdeltour curiosity to help inform xproc vnext, which we (mostly @ndw and @alexmilowski ) are going great guns on ... will shout if needed—@xquery
@xquery ok cool! I noticed the github activity, keep up the great work :) @ndw @alexmilowski—@rdeltour

Tuesday at 07:59pm

Many reviews of the Nexus 9 state that Amazon Instant Video is available. This runs contrary to my experience. Anyone actually using it?—@ndw

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XML Prague 2015 call for papers is now open: Start thinking and start writing, you only have until 1 December.—@ndw
RT @ndw XML Prague 2015 #CfP is now open: Start thinking and start writing, you only have until December 1st—@dret

Friday at 02:05pm

"Oh. I thought it was a chocolate. But it's a battery." Category Errors 101 with @ndw—@doctortovey

Sunday at 11:25am

@aspyker It could be, maybe it couldn't. BANG.—@ndw

Sunday at 11:39am

$10 for Words With Friends? Kinda pricey. Never waiting for another f'ing video advertisement? Priceless.—@ndw

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@JohnTheBastard @gruber @hopsinglaundry Also a shame they no longer sell dry white. Only "extra dry" now in the US. #sadpanda—@ndw
@ndw @JohnTheBastard @hopsinglaundry But that said, it’s not available in Pennsylvania and I’ve never seen it in New Jersey, either.—@gruber
@gruber @ndw I thought both the French and American variety were supposed to be available now, but I haven't specifically looked for them.—@JohnTheBastard
@JohnTheBastard @gruber I haven't seen dry recently. I console myself with the fact that I'm getting 2 bottles of Ambré in December.—@ndw
@ndw @gruber @hopsinglaundry I always preferred the extra dry in martinis (still have half a case of pre-2009 bottles), and Dolin otherwise.—@JohnTheBastard
@ndw @JohnTheBastard @hopsinglaundry Noilly “Extra Dry” is supposedly the same stuff they used to call “Dry French”:—@gruber
@gruber @JohnTheBastard @hopsinglaundry Perhaps. I still prefer the stuff they used to sell as simply "Dry".—@ndw

Sunday at 11:44pm

@kendall It is pretty awesome. That whole album is actually pretty good.—@ndw

Sunday at 11:46pm

RT @mnot: “Non-religious, non-superstitious, basing morality on shared human values of decency, tolerance, reason, justice, the search for …—@ndw