Disturbing camera malfunction

16 Jun 2014

After performing flawlessly for a couple of weeks, my new Olympus E-...

After performing flawlessly for a couple of weeks, my new Olympus E-P5 let me down on Saturday afternoon. What happened was I got to my hotel at FCO about mid-afternoon. I was hot and tired and not really sure I wanted to schlep back into Rome. Then I thought, that's silly; forty minutes from central Rome with a few hours to kill and I'm not going to go?

I grabbed the camera and...it didn't work. It had worked just fine several hours earlier. When I turned the camera on, the LCD would display an image but no words or icons or anything, just the randomly focused view through the lens. A few seconds later, the camera would summarily turn itself off. None of the buttons or controls had any effect during the brief period that it was "on".

Dead battery, I thought, and swapped it for the charged one. No change. I concluded, somewhat skeptically, that I'd failed to charge the second battery.

I put a battery in the charger and resolved to head into Rome with just my Nexus 5. It is possible to go and admire beauty without photographing it, after all.

Severe thunderstorm warnings and black clouds on the horizon persuaded me that maybe fate didn't want me to go to Rome after all.

Sunday morning, with a fully charged battery, no change.

On the whole, I thought: this sucks. But it would have sucked a lot more if it happened a week earlier!

But what really bothers me is that I just turned the camera on again this morning and it seems fine. I was disappointed but perfectly willing to send the camera out for warranty repair when it didn't work.

Now it appears to work unreliably and that's really an uncomfortable feeling.

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