The short-form week of 9–15 Feb 2015

16 Feb 2015; last modified 01 Mar 2015

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 07:53am

WTF. Chrome consumes the markup on this page Why? No, nevermind. Chrome, it's not me, it's you. Buh bye now.—@ndw

Monday at 08:04am

Inbox only works in Chrome. Nice honey trap there, Google.—@ndw

Monday at 05:08pm

Your job always includes writing documentation. #writethedocs #techcomm —@writethedocs

Monday at 07:03pm

@timbray I've basically had to give up on Chrome.—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:14am

XML Stars, the journal is out! Stories via @ndw @JamieXML —@dominixml

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Hello Prague, I am in you. #xmlprague —@ndw
@ndw nail window shutters!—@perllover
@ndw Norman comes alive—@msokolov

Wednesday at 03:16am

RT @xmlcalabash: XML Calabash 1.0.25 released, New step cx:mathml-to-svg and updated XInclude 1.1 support, mostly.—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:12am

I'm so happy that Firefox 35.0.1 on Ubuntu is a buggy mess because Chrome has become much less usable.—@ndw

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know of any fairly generic UML-like diagram conventions for representing flows/transformation pipelines? @ndw @bergie @jpaulmorrison —@danja
@danja @ndw @bergie Have you tried DrawFBP? You can actually use it for a wide variety of different diagram types...—@jpaulmorrison

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@ndw 3 prizes right norm?—@adamretter
@adamretter Yes. But the third one is special!—@ndw

Saturday at 04:24am

Back in my day, 35 seconds was fast. But our tablets were made of stone. #xmlprague —@alexmilowski

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If you want to be in DemoJam (space is limited), please write your name and the title of your demo on something and give it to me #xmlprague —@ndw
@ndw Andreas Jung "Plone+exist-DB = XML Director" @xmlprague #xml #demojam —@MacYET

Saturday at 05:48am

@gimsieke @alexmilowski I tried!—@ndw

Saturday at 06:28am

I submitted DocBook V5.1 to OASIS as an official public draft this morning, FYI. #XMLPrague —@ndw

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@jirkakosek We have arch, audience, condition, conformance, os, revision, security, userlevel, vendor, wordsize, outputformat. Need what?—@ndw
@ndw Way to say which combinations should be used together. Profile of profiles :-) I think that DITA has something like that.—@jirkakosek
@jirkakosek Ah.—@ndw

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@sgmlguru @alexmilowski @jirkakosek The 2.0 HTML stylesheets are pretty reasonable. Mostly. Kinda.—@ndw
@ndw @alexmilowski @jirkakosek Mostly kinda is right. I've seen weirdness in eXist (base URIs mostly) but probably not because of the XSLT2.—@sgmlguru
@sgmlguru @alexmilowski @jirkakosek There's some weirdness in a database context. Not sure what you mean without a bug report, though.—@ndw
@ndw @alexmilowski @jirkakosek I think the problem is in eXist's processing of the XSLT. Not sure if bug report to DB XSL is the way to go.—@sgmlguru
@sgmlguru @alexmilowski @jirkakosek Let's chat about the bug, at least. I've got an open MarkLogic issue about the stylesheets in a database—@ndw
@ndw @sgmlguru @alexmilowski Recently I created Reveal.js output for DB slides, but haven't committed because of this bug. No time to fix it—@jirkakosek
@ndw @sgmlguru @alexmilowski @fileref is made absolute during processing, even in Saxon.—@jirkakosek
@jirkakosek @ndw @alexmilowski IIRC @fileref works if localepath is made absolute in param.xsl. eXist isn't able to do it on its own.—@sgmlguru
@jirkakosek @ndw @alexmilowski No, I take that back. I think I did preprocessing with an XQ.—@sgmlguru

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@jirkakosek Hey, @ndw, can you finish these? :)—@alexmilowski
@alexmilowski @jirkakosek Before or after XML Calabash V2.0 and my actual day job?—@ndw
@ndw @jirkakosek Pah! Day-job, Calabash, ... sleep is over rated. Or you need a clone. Or minions.—@alexmilowski

Saturday at 06:55am

@innovimax Also what you mean by publishing. And by "mean", of course.—@ndw

Saturday at 08:39am

Up next at #xmlprague: @ndw with standards updates.—@sgmlguru

Saturday at 08:42am

@ndw We are expecting a good tap dance if you don't ... #xmlprague —@alexmilowski

Saturday at 08:57am

XInclude 1.1 standard update presented by @ndw #xmlprague —@OctavianNadolu

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@ndw is there a spot left for the demo jam?—@mgaerber
@mgaerber Just a few. Get me the title and you're in.—@ndw

Saturday at 10:18am

DemoJam is full! #XMLPrague —@ndw

Saturday at 10:27am

Big Hello #xmlprague peeps - many happy memories of cold weekends in Prague. Drink a glass of mead for me :-) @ndw @xquery @fostercharles —@jimbo843

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Is there really any archival format that even comes close to stable ink on acid-free paper? #xmlprague —@ndw
@ndw Is that a rhetorical question or @BetteridgesLaw in action ?—@n1vux
@ndw start with reading about the OAIS reference model than go on to @EARKProject and read allready delivered documents—@karinbredenberg
@ndw "6- by 9-inch gold anodized plaque bolted to the spacecraft's main frame" —@tgraham_antenna
@ndw Formats difficult for Digital Archives. Typically use original formats and emulate or migrate. Happy to discuss @UkNatArchives with you—@adamretter
@ndw Inner wall of a cave?—@DanielKec
@ndw And then some barbarians come and burn down your library... #XMLPrague —@doctortovey
@doctortovey @ndw Paper burns nicely. I hear that laptops do sometimes. #xmlprague —@alexmilowski
@doctortovey @ndw Or smash your CD or demagnetise your disk or...#xmlprague —@sgmlguru
@doctortovey On average, less frequently than electronic media fail or fail to be readable. By several orders of magnitude at least.—@ndw
@ndw @doctortovey or burn down your data center—@mkraetke
@mkraetke @ndw @doctortovey i remember Computer World's coverage of the White Night Riot's collateral impact on SF city data-center.—@n1vux
@ndw Maybe Bradbury had it right in Fahrenheit 451 - the human memory is the best archival format there is? ;)—@doctortovey
@doctortovey Everything recorded in an oral tradition. I suppose that's about as persistent as it gets. #XMLPrague —@ndw

Sunday at 04:29am

Congratulations to @4everjang and @ond1 and my thanks to all the DemoJam participants #xmlprague —@ndw

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#xmlprague hgrennau's ideas relevant to XQuery WG debate on collection() last week; also @ndw showed something like this for XProc?—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay It's a bit similar to doc prop introduced in XProc 2.0. But they're doc-level only and not so formally defined. #xmlprague —@ndw

Sunday at 06:02am

RT @ronhitchens: "JSON is like XML, without all the good bits" #xmlprague —@ndw

Sunday at 06:16am

RT @ronhitchens: Spoken by Michael Paddon of Qualcomm at #xmlprague #CreditWhereDue "JSON is like XML, without all the good bits"—@ndw

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A good time for all! Come to #XMLSummerSchool, #XMLPrague —@ndw
@ndw OTOH If I have not learned it in 15 years of developing authoring and publishing systems, probably not going to make a difference now.—@maltbyd

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Goodbye #XMLPrague Often stimulating, sometimes challenging, always fun and rewarding.—@ndw
@ndw and at times amazing ;)—@rdeltour