The short-form week of 27 Jul–2 Aug 2015

03 Aug 2015; last modified 07 Aug 2015

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Tuesday at 06:15am

"Most of your problems have probably been caused by prideful boasting or Vikings" How to tell if you're in an OE poem—@doctortovey

Tuesday at 08:51am

RT @nickm_tor: The first rule of Privacy Club is to use enough anonymity software that it doesn't matter if anybody talks about Privacy Clu…—@ndw

Thursday at 11:32am

@ndw Catch the cosmic waves and join the fun! Thanks for backing us!—@billnyefilm

Thursday at 07:13pm

According to Obama, America can't look back to potentially prosecute any Bush admin crimes, but must look back to prosecute Ed Snowden.—@davidsirota

Thursday at 09:17pm

RT @dtunkelang: I don't always agree with Google. But when I do, it's because they're defending the world's right to a free Internet. http:…—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 12:50am

@dtunkelang @ndw "Free internet" here looks a lot like USA's vision of info. Blatant mistakes/lies in the news kept forever? Yeah, great.—@olivierjeulin
@olivierjeulin @ndw If the "right to forgotten" were about removing false info I'd be sympathetic to your perspective. But I read the ruling—@dtunkelang
@dtunkelang @ndw I know, it's not all black&white on both sides. G's has some good points, and all demands are not legitimate…—@olivierjeulin

Friday at 07:15am

XML Stars, the journal is out! Stories via @ndw—@dominixml

Friday at 12:21pm

Holy frack! RT @AWexelblat Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do:—@ndw

Friday at 12:22pm

It's not too late! You can still register for #Balisage—@ndw

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Back at A'roma Roasters. Hope they still have the Double Mad Max like they did twenty (!) years ago! /cc @ediefr—@ndw
@ndw Hey, I'm in Sebastopol! I remember you and the Mad Max coffee era. Hope they're still just as good. Would love to see you and catch up.—@ediefr
@ediefr Would love to catch up! See you at Foo Camp?—@ndw
@ndw YES!!—@ediefr

Saturday at 12:21am

RT @codinghorror: You think email doesn't scale? I agree. It doesn't. But you know what scales exponentially worse? Chat.—@ndw

Saturday at 12:39am

RT @joshbloch: Also adware. This is not what I want out of an OS—@ndw

Saturday at 08:38pm

Caveat: GC needs be mark-and-sweep or generational. Reference-counted GC leaks with self-referential dreams. #Java—@MartianOdyssey

Sunday at 01:12am

2 rules for running a tech company: 1. the org chart should be a directed acyclic graph 2. don't write bugs—@bcrypt

Sunday at 06:30am

Never mistake silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance, or kindness for weakness.—@srinath_perera

Sunday at 11:38am

An open office is a great environment to collaborate on preventing other people from working—@nathanmarz

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Ok, @JanetJoz, but why do you care?—@ndw
@ndw re:continuity b/c it can become more about edu vs. promo.—@JanetJoz

Sunday at 09:36pm

RT @LisaMcIntire: The more I read about history, the more I get that women controlling their fertility is the most powerful weapon against …—@ndw

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Enjoyed meeting @Pinboard at #FooCamp. His tweets almost always make me smile.—@ndw
@ndw weird to have so many peeps in town.—@grechaw