The short-form week of 3–9 Aug 2015

10 Aug 2015; last modified 03 Oct 2015

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 11:37pm

Enjoyed meeting @Pinboard at #FooCamp. His tweets almost always make me smile.—@ndw
@ndw weird to have so many peeps in town.—@grechaw

Monday at 05:38am

I always say JSON is slowly reinventing XML, badly.—@jabley

Monday at 11:28am

What doesn't kill you is probably just keeping you fresh until it's really hungry.—@TheBloggess

Monday at 05:52pm

@tommorris @glynwintle I've been using LastPass on Android, Linux, and occasionally Windows successfully and trouble free for several years.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 06:23pm

@mojavelinux What's the best source for a complete, detailed, systematic explanation of all of the markup forms that AsciiDoctor recognizes?—@ndw
@ndw Although still a work in progress, it's here: We're very open to critique & criticism.—@mojavelinux
@mojavelinux Pedagogically, I'd like to see an explicit syntax reference separate from environment setup and other concerns—@ndw
@ndw The quick reference is a more consolidated list, though it's not without issues too.—@mojavelinux
@mojavelinux To be honest, I find that even more frustrating. It leads me to all sorts of questions that it doesn't answer.—@ndw
@ndw We're starting work on a grammar & related spec (nothing formal yet, just part of good engineering). I recognize it's needed.—@mojavelinux
@mojavelinux Cool. I know how hard doc is; I'll try to help if I end up using AsciiDoctor and can find the time.—@ndw
@ndw Thanks! At times, I feel like I'm barely holding on the back of the truck with one hand trying to get my feet under me.—@mojavelinux
@mojavelinux The term "document variables" occurs only in 12.6 which doesn't really describe what they're for—@ndw
@mojavelinux Well...section 10 lists block elements but doesn't link to where they're described and it's unclear if that's a complete list.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:33pm

Home from Foo Camp. Discussed how "cyberspace changes the texture of time" with @JamesGleick, @doctorow and others. Surreal.—@ndw
@ndw Cool. I (and we) look forward to hearing about it at the @mugl on Sep 10.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens @mugl Not sure that'll feature in my MUGL talk but I'll talk about the developing Python library to the Managment API. Ok?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:34pm

Kathy Sierra's perceptual learning talk is definitely going to stick with me. #FooCamp—@ndw
@ndw Have you read her latest book? It's a gem.—@kiphampton
@kiphampton No. That is to say, not yet. But I'm already eagerly anticipating her next. The perceptual learning stuff was really compelling.—@ndw
@ndw Sounds great. And this is my annual reminder to pay more attention to when Foo Camp comes around.—@kiphampton

In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:41pm

@mojavelinux :sectnums: is (obviously by example) an recognized attribute. Where is there a list of all such attrs and their meanings?—@ndw
@ndw We've been moving fast, so the list is always falling behind. Here's the raw material (Needs dedicated section)—@mojavelinux

Monday at 09:42pm

@mojavelinux "After the second colon, there is at least one space and then the value. The value is optional." Space req'd if no value?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:43pm

@mojavelinux This is going to start to be silly. Are the docs in github? Can I make issues? Submit pull requests?—@ndw
@ndw Absolutely! The docs are currently in the website repository (that may change, but not soon).—@mojavelinux

Tuesday at 10:02am

Nice Python glossary: /ht @dpawson—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:42pm

"Why does philosophy matter?" "I don't know, why does science matter?" "Well because scie-" "Annnnnnnd you are doing philosophy."—@existentialcoms

Wednesday at 07:15am

XML Stars, the journal is out! Stories via @ndw @JamieXML—@dominixml

In a conversation that started on Friday at 10:07am

Suggestions for a good, practical guide to #DITA specialization? Asking for a friend :-)—@ndw
@ndw But a DocBook-avoiding DITA monger can’t be called a “friend,” right? It’s maybe an “acquaintance” that you met at a conference.—@gimsieke
@ndw forgot to put “conference” in “quotes”…—@gimsieke
@gimsieke I'm broad minded. Sometimes I agree to write DITA specializations for very good friends. Never let cluelessness get in your way.—@ndw
@ndw @gimsieke Some people have DITA thrust upon them by exigent circumstance... We should be kind, not condemnatory!—@doctortovey
@doctortovey @ndw I’m commiserating, not condescending. If I had to deal with DITA, I’d probably replace Open Toolcrap with sth XProcish—@gimsieke
@gimsieke @doctortovey @ndw DITA list . well supported, Couple of books (Eliot?). If support/ processing, rest is deep XSLT. If writing....—@dpawson
@gimsieke @doctortovey @ndw It's well supported in oXygen editor btw.—@dpawson
@dpawson @gimsieke @ndw *Everything* is well supported in oXygen. It would be my tool of choice if I were planning to take over the world.—@doctortovey
@ndw This is the one I and many others use By @drmacro #DITA—@CMaudry
@ndw These by Eliot Kimber are good:—@markgiffin

Friday at 12:26pm

RT @TOther_Simon: Interviewer: "What's your biggest weakness?" Me: "I can be too self-replicating" Interviewer: "You mean 'self-deprecating…—@ndw

Friday at 10:39pm

RT @dalapeyre: Balisage is creeping up on us. Next week, all week. Wheeeeeeee! #balisage—@ndw

Saturday at 03:23am

@dalapeyre @ndw So jealous!! Have fun, markup geeks :)—@doctortovey

Sunday at 07:38pm

@thembeky @ukhozi_fm Ngvusa bonke ekhaya @NDW kanye naManzimela wonke—@Nkosi_Nzungane