The short-form week of 28 Dec 2015–3 Jan 2016

04 Jan 2016; last modified 02 Feb 2016

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 10:30pm

The Doctor Who Christmas Special was sweet and silly and full of action and a real delight to see at the cinema.—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:59pm

Dear @Pinterest you are so determined to force me to use your app that I've deleted it, unsubscribed, and will ignore you forevermore.—@ndw

Tuesday at 05:00pm

@doctortovey Shiny! :-)—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:32pm

RT @mattpodwysocki: OH: "take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:35pm

RT @zeldman: .@s9tpepper @anatudor They persist on Twitter only to sell your data to advertisers, & their fragility breaks the web’s most b…—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:50am

The reminder that open carry goes into effect on Friday has significantly reduced my enthusiasm for the new year.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:27pm

RT @tressiemcphd: Why Do Poor People 'Waste' Money On Luxury Goods? By any metric I have, this remains my most read…—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:39pm

RT @tinybaby: Because the baby boomers destroyed the economy through deregulation & replaced all labor laws with a pic of Reagan http://t.c…—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:48pm

RT @animalfriespls: Worry less about homosexuality. Worry more about homophones.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:14am

XML Stars, the journal is out! Stories via @ndw @james_clark—@dominixml

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Famous puzzle editor, six, no, er, five letters. Wait, what now? #copyediting #bookcovers—@ndw
@ndw Oooh ouch!—@doctortovey

Thursday at 03:54pm

RT @tommorris: "Atheism is itself a religion" is a tiresome cliche used nearly exclusively by bores, fools and halfwits.—@ndw

Thursday at 06:26pm

RT @erwan: While waiting for npm install to download the whole Internet, I remembered when JS devs made fun of Java with its jars and maven.—@ndw

Friday at 12:27am

@tommorris Rock on!—@ndw

Friday at 12:31am

RT @neiltyson: To all those who reckon time on the Gregorian Calendar - Happy New Year! (FYI: January 1 is astronomically insignificant.)—@ndw

Friday at 11:30pm

RT @UnixToolTip: 'The enjoyment of one's tools is an essential ingredient of successful work.' -- Donald E. Knuth—@ndw

Saturday at 09:30am

RT @rifflesby: Confirm that you have landed on the Prime Material Plane. If you have landed on an Elemental Plane, do not exit. https://t.c…—@ndw

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@psd Thus begins the year in which I inform managers of businesses that I'm leaving b/c they've let in some loon with a firearm.—@ndw
@ndw @psd and start planning to move somewhere with saner gun laws—@laurendw
@laurendw @psd Already working on that!—@ndw
@ndw consumer sense trumping common sense—@psd

Saturday at 10:31pm

RT @MsJulieLenarz: Hey @UN do you care to comment on Saudi Arabia executing 47 prisoners in a day given they currently chair your Human Rig…—@ndw

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@mdubinko I hope you got my 4 then!—@ndw
@ndw Several. I need to make it give better feedback on submit.—@mdubinko

Sunday at 12:27am

RT @ixKylie: Im not worried abt plane attacks, “mentally ill” shooters or Black protesters. Im terrified of armed white right extremist ter…—@ndw

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@pjkelly5 @ndw Thx & try another one or two… Is the submit handling better? Also, what browser are you using?—@mdubinko
@mdubinko @pjkelly5 I'll do a few more. Was on Chrome on Android yesterday.—@ndw
@mdubinko @ndw Sent a five and left a comment.—@pjkelly5
@pjkelly5 @ndw awesome!—@mdubinko

Sunday at 09:20am

@MsJulieLenarz @ndw Germany is chair of the UNCHR. Re Saudi Arabia role:—@EileenOttawa

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Given I do all of my banking online, I find it odd that I'm so wary of exclusively online banks. Aspiration seems legit, right?—@ndw
@ndw I’ve been using First Internet Bank of Indiana since 2003. Happy customer.—@hunterhacker
@hunterhacker @ndw That was also my bank for many years.—@ispraveendead
@ndw I've used an online-only bank since 2001. As long as it's FDIC insured, there's no worry.—@ispraveendead
@ndw not at all odd. History is on your side.—@laurendw

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Been hacking #Emacs again the past few days. Serious fun. Also: finally became a helm convert. Seriously productive.—@ndw
@ndw Curious: what language do you write most of your code in? Are you doing that coding in Emacs as well?—@avernet
@avernet Day job is mostly XQuery. I also do XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Java, Scala, and others. #Emacs for everything but Java and Scala.—@ndw
@ndw Got it, I was wondering you had been happy using Emacs for Scala/Java.—@avernet
@avernet Trying to move back to Emacs for Scala/Java is on my list of things to explore.—@ndw
@ndw BTW, if you're interested in digging into ENSIME, I'd recommend this talk by @fommil and @a_dev_musing.—@avernet
@ndw I have big hopes for ENSIME, but it's so far quite a step down from IntelliJ.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw what is missing in that big step?—@fommil
@fommil @ndw I'd say support for mixed projects (Java+Scala), "find usages", and "good" Scala debugging.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw Java is supported, find usages on the roadmap and a new debugger is imminent.—@fommil
@fommil @ndw Awesome. I'm seriously excited to see ENSIME/Emacs become a serious alternative to IntelliJ.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw it already is ;-) I've been using it on huge projects for almost two years. Very productive.—@fommil

Sunday at 10:50pm

Emacs - Helm and @ndw #emacs #lisp—@patrickDurusau