The short-form week of 11–17 Jan 2016

18 Jan 2016; last modified 02 Feb 2016

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 12:55pm

Been hacking #Emacs again the past few days. Serious fun. Also: finally became a helm convert. Seriously productive.—@ndw
@ndw Curious: what language do you write most of your code in? Are you doing that coding in Emacs as well?—@avernet
@avernet Day job is mostly XQuery. I also do XML, XSLT, JavaScript, Java, Scala, and others. #Emacs for everything but Java and Scala.—@ndw
@ndw Got it, I was wondering you had been happy using Emacs for Scala/Java.—@avernet
@avernet Trying to move back to Emacs for Scala/Java is on my list of things to explore.—@ndw
@ndw BTW, if you're interested in digging into ENSIME, I'd recommend this talk by @fommil and @a_dev_musing.—@avernet
@ndw I have big hopes for ENSIME, but it's so far quite a step down from IntelliJ.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw what is missing in that big step?—@fommil
@fommil @ndw I'd say support for mixed projects (Java+Scala), "find usages", and "good" Scala debugging.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw Java is supported, find usages on the roadmap and a new debugger is imminent.—@fommil
@fommil @ndw Awesome. I'm seriously excited to see ENSIME/Emacs become a serious alternative to IntelliJ.—@avernet
@avernet @ndw it already is ;-) I've been using it on huge projects for almost two years. Very productive.—@fommil

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 11:10pm

. @ndw tying up a comp.fonts loose thread, PeteZ origin of Hobo -—@n1vux
@n1vux @ndw damn that's a shaggy dog story!—@hoover_dam
@hoover_dam @ndw he left out the shaggiest details ...—@n1vux
@n1vux @hoover_dam I think I missed the beginning of this conversation.—@ndw
@ndw Last year i nagged him yet again to write it up properly. He did. Finally sent link over weekend. cc: you as our FAQ editor emeritus:)—@n1vux
@ndw @hoover_dam the beginning was on Comp.Fonts 20+ years ago. Pete Zelchenko and Kibo got the clue on Hobo's origin ~ 1992.—@n1vux
@n1vux @ndw @hoover_dam Interestingly, I only noticed the irrefutable egg-shaped "O" coincidence last week, which is why I am reposting.—@pzelchenko
@pzelchenko @ndw @hoover_dam probably the first thing Kibo noticed but didn't itemize. (Driving with him was weird.)—@n1vux

Monday at 01:21am

RT @gimsieke: Dreaming of an alternate universe in which XQuery, XSLT, and XProc do away with all these makeshift JS approaches. https://t.…—@ndw

Monday at 01:30am

RT @JamieFord: Oddly enough, many people who say "I don't vote because one vote doesn't matter" have no problem with #Powerball odds.—@ndw

Monday at 05:06am

@gimsieke @ndw "React says imm. when you forget to close a tag or ref a nonexistent prop. This radically speeds development." XML anyone?—@stevenpemberton

Wednesday at 04:35am

@ndw Interested in finding out the easy way to grow a startup? Come to a free workshop Feb 3rd:—@vdignan

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:08pm

Dear @MarkLogic I still own a MarkLogic group on linkedin, how do i transfer it to you? cc @ndw @peteaven—@dscape
@dscape @MarkLogic @ndw I think @dmcassel may be able to help—@peteaven
@peteaven @ndw @dmcassel can you confirm this is the correct person to transfer to?—@dscape
@dscape @peteaven @ndw He's a good choice -- please transfer to him and we can take it from there. Thanks!—@dmcassel
@dscape @MarkLogic @ndw @peteaven Hotel California! LOL ;-)—@grtjn

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 01:06pm

Inspired by @n1vux attempting to update the comp.fonts FAQ, I put it up on github. Pull requests welcome:—@ndw
@ndw @n1vux Good deal! :) Bill, didn't you tell Norm about...—@pzelchenko
@pzelchenko @ndw guilty as charged—@n1vux
@ndw awesome! Does this include the updates by @n1vux ? :)—@davelab6
@davelab6 @ndw yes it includes Peter Zelchenko's NOVO update that I forwarded. (It includes much bibliography from me back when)—@n1vux
@ndw Bookmarked ... I'll be back !—@n1vux

Friday at 04:12pm

He was heavily into BDSM - Batman, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and Mathematics.—@50NerdsofGrey

Saturday at 12:03am

RT @lecanardnoir: Rickman’s “secret” battle with cancer and Bowie’s “secret” cremation. Word is “private”, newspapers. You have no automat…—@ndw

Saturday at 09:39am

I had a dream I was drowning in orange soda. It seemed so real, but when I woke up I realized the whole thing was just a Fanta sea.—@beckycloonan

Saturday at 03:24pm

Republicans are so angry about Obama freeing U.S. prisoners you'd think he'd given them health care.—@LOLGOP

Sunday at 12:00am

You might want to let this one marinate.—@codepink

Sunday at 12:23am

@dweinberger Probably not, but it's a lot less profitable for their friends.—@ndw

Sunday at 10:46am

Ugh. Pixel perfect, two-factor defeating LastPass phishing. #security #fail—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 12:13am

ES6: "when trying to overwrite a const variable the variable is left unchanged. It does NOT throw an error" #WAT!?—@ndw
@ndw *in sloppy mode. In strict mode it throws an error. Always program in strict mode.—@tabatkins

Monday at 12:14am

RT @fgeorges: "I use `const` by default, `let` only where it is required and `var` to identify code which needs to be refactored." https://…—@ndw

Monday at 12:20am

My new favorite poem!—@ndw

Monday at 12:20am

RT @cczona: Conferences: STEAL THIS IDEA. Talk time slot on badge! My speaker anxiety and my networking impulses both thank you. https://t.…—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 12:28am

@jorabin What did the EULA say when you agreed to the collection? (P.S. "No.")—@ndw
@ndw if I declined to reveal my birth date they'd reasonably decline to issue a ticket. Do you agree to micro targetting? Not a question.—@jorabin

Monday at 12:32am

RT @ACLU: You may not understand #trans people, but we too deserve privacy, fairness, & liberty by @xychelsea—@ndw

Monday at 12:51am

RT @gknauss: Stuff the GOP sees as existential threats: ISIS, healthcare, gun control. Stuff that actually is: fear-mongering, lack of hea…—@ndw