The short-form week of 22–28 Feb 2016

29 Feb 2016

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

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"Conservative lawyer says Scalia should get vote on pending cases despite handicap of being dead." #facepalm #thestupiditburns—@ndw
@ndw @docum3nt. Of course! That's perfectly in line with Chicago Machine policies to prevent disenfranchising the deceased. If they're Dems.—@AnnaFromA2

Tuesday at 01:39pm

Talking to colleague about authentication issues, Google Hangout ends "because of authentication issues." #irony—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:01pm

Wednesday at 07:05pm

Apple's stance on privacy is the number one reason my next phone might be an iPhone.—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:07pm

RT @avernet: "The average American saves $3,000 per year simply by switching to blended scotch." Over my dead body!—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:32pm

RT @FakeUnicode: This is what it means to be weakly typed: > foo = {0xAA:0xAA} { '170': 170 }—@ndw

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@tomcoates Insert vehement rant about the evils of HTML email here. It's words, people, go text/plain or go home.—@ndw
@ndw Yeah I'm afraid we lost that battle a few years ago.—@tomcoates
@tomcoates I don't believe I've ever sent an HTML email in my life and I hope to keep it that way.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:07am

RT @StephenKing: Pols think we need background checks for Uber drivers, not for people who buy guns. You can't make this stuff up.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:12am

RT @SnoozeInBrief: A zeugma walks into a bar and orders a drink, the barman to fetch the manager, and the books on the shelf alphabetically.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:29am

RT @moonwalkmcfly: I would like to apologize to the writers of Superman comics for calling the Lex Luthor becoming president storyline "so …—@ndw

Thursday at 12:36am

RT @jasongorman: Bottom line is large software projects tend to fail, and bigger they are, the higher the failure rate. Trick is to make th…—@ndw

Thursday at 12:15pm

RT @kevinschawinski: The point of the new Facebook emojis is to keep tabs on your emotions. Don’t play.—@ndw

Friday at 07:13am

XML Stars, the journal is out! Stories via @RealMichaelKay @ndw—@dominixml

Friday at 07:59am

Difference between Australian & US media reporting of a firearm crime: AU: A man with a gun ... US: A shooter ... stats => vocab? @ndw—@MartianOdyssey

Friday at 12:02pm

Drinking More Coffee May Undo Liver Damage From Booze. Via @ndw—@avernet

Friday at 04:41pm

Don't piss me off. I'm close to leveling and you look like exp. #dnd—@amandablain

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@adanrt_rt You need to ask someone like @ndw—@stevenpemberton
@adanrt_rt @stevenpemberton Not that I'm aware of, but I'm hoping for renewed interest in our new direction.—@ndw

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@tomcoates You expect that from a GOP candidate!? Or really any part of the political establishment.—@ndw
@ndw If it’s expedient and helps them win against another candidate, then perhaps.—@tomcoates
@tomcoates No candidate is willing to expose themselves to the "it aids terrorists" attack. Damn the consequences.—@ndw
@ndw But both aid terrorists. It should be easier to make the argument that breaking encryption aids terrorists.—@tomcoates
@tomcoates Tom, are you trying to make a logical argument during a political discussion?—@ndw
@ndw Never! Purely suggesting there was a message that would hit all the nationalistic beats AND make trump look old.—@tomcoates

Saturday at 08:34pm

RT @cshirky: When journos get weepy about the collapse in trust of the press, ask if they think their coverage helped citizens understand t…—@ndw

Saturday at 08:36pm

@james_clark That's mostly been my experience as well. 9:15am can be a totally different story!—@ndw

Saturday at 08:42pm

@j4 You're doing fine. It's a remarkably difficult skill to master. I'm not sure anyone does.—@ndw

Saturday at 08:45pm

@libbymiller It's their own fault. Easy to fix: remove geo restrictions and let me rip with free software. Or die. I don't really care.—@ndw

Saturday at 10:13pm

RT @AnonyOps: #AppleVsFBI: So much this…—@ndw

Sunday at 12:10am

@rem Odds I am ever going to pair with my toothbrush or install its app: precisely zero.—@ndw