First Phở

Volume 19, Issue 6; 17 Apr 2016

In which your humble scribe engages in food porn.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw

I love noodle soups. Raman, Udon, Pho, all of them. This is a love affair that may have started with a breakfast soup in Bangkok: a really big bowl full of exotic aromas, rice probablyNot noodles, I know; it’s my story, you stay out of it., and a raw egg slowly poaching in the steaming broth. It was ambrosial, which is a little remarkable considering how painfully hung over I was.


I have long planned to try making noodle soup at home. This weekend, I took a stab at Vietnamese Beef Pho (apologies for the paywall but I do highly recommend Cook’s Illustrated; they’re my go-to source for recipes).

Vietnamese Beef Pho
Vietnamese Beef Pho

It turned out very yummy indeed, even if it does present a little strangely in a set of Tuscan bowls. And the best part is I have enough broth left for at least two more meals!