Lucky number 13!

Volume 19, Issue 9; 28 Apr 2016

Thirteen years of random, irregular scribblings.

The secret anniversaries of the heart.

H. W. Longfellow

I happened to notice that I turned this thing on thirteen years ago today. A lot has changed since then, but a lot has also stayed the same.

I’m no longer on the W3C TAG, and there’s nothing new about weblogs. The infrastructure is now MarkLogic server running on Amazon Web Services. The latest incarnation uses semantics (again) to drive most of the navigation. The postings are still written in DocBook and transformed into HTML with the DocBook XSLT 2.0 Stylesheets.

In the future, I’m (still) planning to write more. I have a plan to go through the archives and clean up some of the more out-of-date posts. I also have an idea for publishing posts via one of the markdown flavors. We’ll see.

And Tim is still a more interesting read.