The short-form week of 13–19 Jun 2016

20 Jun 2016; last modified 05 Jul 2016

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

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While I can easily circumvent the @nytimes paywall, that wasn't my point. My point was: they're training me never to follow links to them.—@ndw
@ndw In that respect, @nytimes is far from being the biggest offender. Yes, I'm thinking of you, @Forbes.—@avernet
.@avernet @Forbes runs an ad blocker detector, don't they? I won't subscribe to a site that does that on principle.—@ndw
@ndw @avernet @Forbes I've already stopped reading any Forbes content since the 1st time that pesky ad blocker detector reared its ugly head—@stevemuench

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If I was in charge of a site and I observed that its design was explicitly driving users away, I'd be concerned. /cc @nytimes—@ndw
@ndw I pay for a subscription to the NYTimes. Problem solved. :)—@ptexpat
@ptexpat Entirely reasonable. Generally, I read something there maybe once or twice a month, so I haven't felt like it was worth subscribing—@ndw
@ndw fair enough. I am a book review junkie and it helps me "keep in touch" with America.—@ptexpat
@ndw If it mostly drives away users who anyway wouldn't pay, then the @nytimes might be OK with it. Of course, that's a big "if".—@avernet

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@geoffarnold How long are you in Austin?—@ndw
@ndw staying at the Driskill. Tues and Wed evenings are open right now—@geoffarnold
@geoffarnold Cool. I'm flying home from the UK today. A drink on Wed eve, perhaps?—@ndw
@ndw Sounds good!—@geoffarnold
@ndw until Thursday evening—@geoffarnold

Monday at 01:12am

Parting thought as I leave the UK today.—@ndw

Monday at 01:17am

RT @SeanMcElwee: No data yet on the correlation between "thoughts and prayers" and gun violence, but I did find these.…—@ndw

Monday at 02:07am

RT @ColleenDoran: Why where it happened is important. #Orlando By Els Kushner.—@ndw

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@deerpig Favorite foods your mother made, especially if she made them when you were unwell. Literally, "foods that bring comfort."—@ndw
@ndw I LOVE my mother, but my mother and comfort are some what oxymorons :) So I'll have to make do with beer & Laos BBQ!—@deerpig

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Effing heck, @BA checkin is a nightmare in T5 this morning!—@ndw
@ndw Great use of euphemism! I admire your restraint ;)—@doctortovey
@ndw Is LHR check-in not always hell? :)—@gsnedders
@gsnedders It's not usually as bad as it was today, in my experience. Even the agent hadn't a clue about why.—@ndw
@ndw to be fair, I rarely originate at LHR, but it's always seemed bad compared with GLA (well, ignoring EasyJet bag drop!).—@gsnedders
@gsnedders If Dante had known about connections through LHR, he'd have made another circle.—@ndw
@ndw I actually have pretty good experiences with connections there. Really AFAICT the bad thing is international to international.—@gsnedders
@gsnedders Fair enough. My only connection experience at LHR is from the US bound for continental Europe.—@ndw
@ndw Basically, all the bad queues are skipped coming off an international flight because you go in a separate queue through the border.—@gsnedders

Monday at 03:23am

Dear "EY", you've clearly spent an absolute fortune on ads in Heathrow T5. You haven't provided the slightest clue of who/what you are/do.—@ndw

Monday at 12:15pm

Monday at 04:13pm

RT @vardi: Physicists' Joke—@ndw

Monday at 10:27pm

People keep saying you need to test your sites on a 56K modem. Frankly, I don’t see what’s wrong with @TWC for that purpose.—@robinberjon

Tuesday at 06:39am

In 'XML in Publishing' at #xmlsummerschool 2016 with @ndw, @tom_yamahito, and @CorbasLtd plus @docum3nt, track chair—@tgraham_antenna

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@webmink @swardley Anyway, I have to drop off now - having dinner with @ndw (since I’m in Austin)—@geoffarnold
@geoffarnold Say hi to @ndw from me!—@webmink
Delightful dinner with @geoffarnold last night. "Hi, @webmink" :-)—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:32pm

My fellow queers: Lets do this.—@thejameskyle

Wednesday at 01:09pm

Good news: the stone fireplace surround was completely undamaged by the brutal assault of my bare toes.—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:16pm

Got email asking me to call my senators and ask them to join the gun control filibuster. I laughed until I cried. Actually, I just cried.—@ndw

Thursday at 04:12am

Found myself on linkedin, played invitation whack-a-mole for a few seconds before remembering whose fairground it is.—@psd

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Non Standard, being a few reflections on twenty years in markup standards.—@ndw
@ndw oh frak. The contrib figures are only a tiny hint at the impact you had on us all! C'est la vie… see ya in markup geek confs! :)—@rdeltour
@ndw I'm surprised Markdown didn't make it to your list.—@avernet
.@avernet I have to save something for my Balisage paper :-)—@ndw
@ndw Sad to read, (especially abandoning TeX!) but there's only so much time.—@tingenek
@ndw I will refrain from hearting something that inspires sad nostalgia. Best wishes on your new projects.—@aljopainter
@ndw sad to ear, but such is life. Who will trust me when I will say that I know a tall guy who can chair AND contribute AND take minutes?—@innovimax

Thursday at 10:53am

RT @doctortovey: Foreign-born Brit residents: I'm genuinely sorry for how my country is behaving. You are so welcome, and so appreciated, b…—@ndw

Thursday at 11:40am

The fabulous @neiltyson on rainbows: Lovely.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:13pm

Thank you to @ndw (Norm Walsh) for all that he has done for #XML, #w3c, and #XProc over the years; much wouldn't exist without him.—@alexmilowski

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@ndw Happy Birthday.—@bsletten
@bsletten Thanks!—@ndw

Thursday at 06:17pm

Appropriately, the first hibiscus on Bloom's Day.—@ndw

Friday at 12:42pm

Marco Rubio: "I know I said I hate the Senate, but I'm running again because it turns out people won't bribe you if you're not in office."—@TeaPartyCat

Saturday at 06:40am

Did I miss something? World XML abolition week? .@ndw and .@alexmilowski—@mgaerber

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Windows 10 disk check "might take more than an hour to complete." Now entering day three.—@ndw
@ndw they warned you!—@kendall
@kendall Yeah. It's a friend's laptop. "Upgraded" to 10 overnight w/o permission then bricked. Thanks, Microsoft.—@ndw

Saturday at 10:32am

Saturday at 11:10am

RT @camanpour: Jo Cox, from Twitter.—@ndw

Saturday at 01:05pm

@kendall Man, I want a beach vacation! Enjoy!—@ndw

Saturday at 01:08pm

@tracyleiler Congrats Tracy!—@ndw

Saturday at 01:13pm

RT @bblfish: "The £1 Brexit Challenge" A nice positive #brexit message for a change. #bremain #uk—@ndw

Saturday at 10:02pm

I guess freeze-dried coffee is better than no coffee... (oh god i was wrong)—@lmorchard

Sunday at 11:02am

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: The big companies you valorize, who you imagine have security under control, they've got people just like you trying t…—@ndw

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Selfie. With chickens.—@ndw
@ndw nice shades on that chicken!—@kendall
@ndw Technically, thats about 1/3 of a selfie. A "se", perhaps...—@doctortovey

Monday at 11:03am

RT @wdjstraw: The #EUreferendum is about what kind of country we want to be. Sign up to get involved…—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:16am

When I go to the movie theater, I watch out for white guys with backpacks, not ISIS. And I'm not even exaggerating.—@sagark1985