Things norm knows…

01 Mar 2016; last modified 05 May 2016

What are these pages, and what do they mean?

Back in the early naughties, I created the “knows” pages, (who, what, and where) to test my understanding of web identifiers. In that regard, they were a success. I experimented with hash and slash URIs, and with the trials of migrating them. I linked to them and played with several different formats.

They're all a bit moribund now. I'd probably scrap them entirely except:

So they've survived the revamp of early ’16. Mostly. I've fixed a few errors and I've removed all the pages about individuals. There are better places to find people these days. (There were better ways in those days too, but it was an experiment.)

5 May 2016 update: In an OCD-fueled fit of data curation, I reorganized the data sources again. Perhaps introducing more/different breakage.