Milan, Italy

Volume 5, Issue 3; 31 Mar 2002

Milan, Italy

Arrived without incident. Memo to self: Alitalia airlines bring new meaning to 'paranoia'; they wouldn't let me use my iPAQ (just as an MP3 playser) because it was 'digital'. Nothing digital!? I'm glad I didn't plan to use my laptop. (I'm on vacation; I don't even have it with me!)

The castle is lovely. But I'm glad no one is asking me to storm it. Sheer walls and moats and battlements, oh my!

The Duomo in Milan is the largest and most inctricate gothic structure in Italy. After one look, it's easy to see how it could have taken more than 500 years to build (512, to be exact--1386-1897--which is a nice round number).

The Duomo roof is open to visitors and it's definitely worth the short elevator ride to the top (you can take the stairs, if you prefer, which I usually do, but not on 3ish hours of airplane sleep, thank you very much). Alas, the spires rise even higher than the roof line so iI couldn't get the panoramic view that I hoped.

Oh, and 'Happy Easter,' if that's your thing. and 'Happy First Sunday After the First Full Moon After the Vernal Equinox,' if that's more your style.

01 Apr 2002

Off to Lugano on 01 Apr 2002.

02 Apr 2002

This morning began with a brief guided tour of Milan, including a visit to see the newly restored Last Supper by Michelangelo. Not, unfortunately, a fresco but instead an egg tempura painting which was more amenable to Michelangelo's painting style. As a result, it is not withstanding the test of time as well as it might have.

It is nevertheless, even faded and restored, a spectacular work. The careful geometric construction provides both realism and striking artistic presentation. Reservations are required so plan ahead and be sure not to miss it.