Volume 7, Issue 107; 25 Jun 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Overheard at a Working Group Meeting.

The XSL and XML Query Working Groups met for another four days this week.

Submitted again for your amusement, without attribution:

On Progress

We're going to second last call and we still don't know how namespace nodes are represented in the data model?

Don't polish the pig, push it out the door.

If we refuse to make any decisions on the basis that we might reconsider them in the future, I think our progress will be limited.

On Namespaces

What we need are anti-namespace nodes.

On Personalities

It's one thing to have the schema working group against you, it's another thing to have X against you.

You interrupted yourself…

On Parsing

X: “When you run that through the deserializer…”

Y: “You mean the parser?”

On Optimism

Any reasonable implementation will…

On Sanity

X: “Am I completely out of my head?”

Y: “No, you're not. [It’s] another reification of an abstract model”

X: “Y.A.R.A.M.”

Y: “Woohoo! I told you so.”