DocBook V4.5CR3

Volume 9, Issue 54; 03 Jun 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

The DocBook Technical Committee has published the third Candidate Release of DocBook V4.5. We really, really expect this one to go out for balloting as an OASIS Standard.

This release (XML or SGML) is Candidate Release 3.

Back when I announced CR2, I said I expected it to become the basis of the next OASIS Standard version of DocBook. And it's true, I did. In fact, it was all lined up to go out for voting on the first of June.

But in the eleventh hour, Peter Eisentraut reported that we'd still left one issue unresolved. An xml:lang attribute had slipped into the HTML Table support even in the SGML version of the DTD. Unfortunately, the distributed SGML Declaration for DocBook doesn't allow colons in names, so the SGML DTD was broken.

It could have been fixed in either one of two ways: remove the attribute or modify the SGML Declaration. Since we'd earlier decided that the other xml:* attributes would be excluded from the SGML DTD, I removed the attribute.

Everything else is the same as CR2. Prepare to vote in July!