XProc WG and Extreme Markup, 1-11 August

25 May 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

XProc WG meeting north of Toronto followed by Extreme Markup Languages in Montréal.

I'm making a loop, swinging past Murray Maloney's place for the XML Processing Model Working Group's face-to-face meeting (thanks for hosting, Murray!) then on to Montréal for Extreme Markup Languages before heading back home.

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01 Aug 10:55a  13:00p  BDL-YYZ/Air Canada 7951
11 Aug 15:00p  16:15p  YUL-BDL/Air Canada 7374


0711 Aug Hotel Europa
Montréal, QUEBEC, CA 


0204 Aug XProc WG
0711 Aug Extreme Markup Languages
07 Aug Tutorial: Introduction to XSLT 2.0 (for those who know XSLT 1.0)
08 Aug Riding the Wave, Riding for a Fall, or Just Along for the Ride?
08 Aug Higher-order functional programming with XSLT 2.0 and FXSL
08 Aug Is an XML document a FRBR Manifestation or a FRBR Expression? (LB)
08 Aug Reusing data across RDF and Topic Maps
08 Aug Polemic: XML for publishing
08 Aug Frozen streams: an experimental time- and space-efficient implementation for in-memory representation of XML documents using Java
08 Aug An XQuery Servlet for RESTful Data Services (LB)
08 Aug Structured software assurance
08 Aug If XML is so easy, how come it's so hard to write? (LB)
08 Aug XProc: An XML Pipeline Language (LB)
09 Aug Architectural Forms, CSS, and RDF - What do they have in Common and why should you care? (LB)
09 Aug RxPath: a mapping of RDF to the XPath Data Model
09 Aug Rethinking XSLT (LB)
09 Aug From Metadata to personal semantic webs
09 Aug Rabbit/duck grammars: a validation method for overlapping structures
09 Aug Polemic: DSRL - Bringing revolution to XML workers
09 Aug Topic Map Objects (LB)
09 Aug Modelling Linguistic Data Structures (LB)
09 Aug MultiX: an XML-based formalism to encode multi-structured documents
09 Aug Metadata enrichment for digital preservation
09 Aug Intellectual property policy for the XML geek
10 Aug HistoryNet - In search of truth (LB)
10 Aug Using multi-encryption to provide secure and controlled access to XML documents
10 Aug Streaming component combinators
10 Aug Representation and processing of Goddag structures: implementation strategies and progress report (LB)
10 Aug XMLVS: Using namespace documents for XML versioning
10 Aug Towards validation of concurrent markup (LB)
10 Aug Polemic: The SALT Transaction Protocol — An Appropriate Mechanism for Markup (LB)
10 Aug Tag set promulgation panel
10 Aug Sticky stuff: An introduction to the Burr Metadata Framework
10 Aug Microformats: contaminants or ingredients? Introducing MDL and asking questions
11 Aug A natural-language approach to modeling: Why is some XML so difficult to write?
11 Aug Conveying meaning through space and time using XML: Semantics of interoperability and persistence
11 Aug Datatypes for XML: the Datatyping Library Language (DTLL)
11 Aug Failing upward