More design tweaks

Volume 10, Issue 99; 25 Sep 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

A few more tweaks to the site design and a little Ajax to boot.

When Lauren asked me about “previous” and “next” links, I pointed her to the cmSiteNavigation tool bar: I've supported navigation links since 2003!

But, on reflection, I decided that maybe it would be convenient to provide linear navagation even for users who haven't installed the plugin or have otherwise deficient browsers.

The little arrows in the upper right corner are your ticket to a linear flow.

For my part, it was was also an opportunity to introduce a little Ajax to the site. The “next” link is computed dynamically and only appears if there is a subsequent essay. (If the next link is known at “build time” it's provided statically.)

An unrelated tweak: I've changed the links in the “tags” list in the sidebar to point to other essays on this site that share those tags. I've never noticed any value from using the Technorati tag links. If they were actually valuable to you, let me know.