The short-form week of 16–22 Apr 2012

23 Apr 2012

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

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A @PaulasTXSpirits PTO margarita is its own reward, but this one is for my first ride of the season (17.6 mi).—@ndw
@ndw dude! I want to ride with you. My buddy and I used to reward ourselves with burritos after a ride. seems we were #doingitwrong :)—@peteaven
@peteaven You’re welcome anytime. I wonder if there will be bike rentals and riding in DC. Not sure I’m trained up for that this year.—@ndw
@ndw #awesome, thanks! going to try and take u up on that sometime. not sure we'll have time in DC, but going to look for opportunities ;)—@peteaven
@peteaven Road trip to gritty pitty!—@ndw
@ndw u, of course, all always welcome in the Gritty Pitty. ;)—@peteaven
@ndw nice! yeah i'd already google maps'd it: 2 1/2 day ride from here to u (9hr drive) #ouch But maybe I can visit nearby sometime.—@peteaven
@peteaven Yeah. We can make it work. Good riding in PGH?—@ndw

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Oh drat, I seem to have made *two* margaritas. What to do? What to do?—@ndw
@ndw One margarita, Two margarita, Three margarita, Floor does not have the same ring to it.—@alexmilowski
@ndw You mean besides give one to Deb?—@collwhit
@collwhit I would have made two *on purpose* if Deb wanted one.—@ndw

Monday at 02:20am

awfulness.js - the best Ui js script ever! RT @ndw: Pitch perfect.—@donohoe_paul

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In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars | Reuters—@TobiasL_
@TobiasL_ regarding Silicon Valley Rockstars, @ndw starring in :-)—@micheee

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maven: time saved = n, time wasted = 2n.—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch Well, Kn for some constant K. Whether K <=2 remains to be seen.—@ndw

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In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:30am

Hard to imagine that SCOTUS didn't have #Occupy in mind when they ruled that a person may be strip searched when arrested for any offense.—@kendall
@kendall Sadly, yes.—@ndw

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Ok, I might not DO anything in calc, but at least I don't fall asleep #annoyed—@FrancescaHoule
@FrancescaHoule There must be an “integrated” joke there somewhere, but I can’t find it.—@ndw

Monday at 11:33am

.@RepRichardNeal Does the NSA really need to know what I do online? #CongressTMI Stop #CISPA—@ndw

Monday at 11:33am

.@RepJohnOlver Does the NSA really need to know what I do online? #CongressTMI Stop #CISPA—@ndw

Monday at 11:39am

.@RepJohnYarmuth Does the NSA really need to know what I do online? #CongressTMI Stop #CISPA (via @ndw)—@whovingh

Monday at 12:05pm

@ndw Got mail "working". I can send to internal lists as long as I am inside building and turn off SSL. This improves security how?—@mathling

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Netflix CEO Accuses Comcast of Not Practicing Net Neutrality—@slashdot
@slashdot I’m *shocked*! Shocked, I tell you!—@ndw

Monday at 12:48pm

Took car to shop. Unexpected good news: the rattle is an inexpensive heat shield. Unexpected bad news: need four new tires. #sadpanda—@ndw

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@ndw Oh FFS! That only applies to mail send to someone inside the building. "Cannot relay" if I email my son.—@mathling
@mathling Ah. I did it at the MTA level, so I don’t attempt to use the corporate SMTP gateway for external mail. I use—@ndw

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I know nothing about tweeting: I was certain this one would take off:—@kendall
@kendall It made me chuckle.—@ndw
@ndw Like, "how true" or like "VC rules, bootstrappers suck"? :>—@kendall
@kendall Ah. I’m not an entrepreneur; I haven’t a clue.—@ndw
@kendall That was a good one. It should have.—@bsletten
@bsletten Thanks. I thought so, too. :>—@kendall

Monday at 02:17pm

Some code is just freaking hard to write.—@ndw

Monday at 02:19pm

Got big data? You know you want^H^H^H^need to. RT @marklogicpubsec Reg. still open for MarkLogic World May 1-3 in DC—@ndw

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My baboon spells better than yr honor student.—@kendall
@kendall You have a baboon!?—@ndw
@ndw No.—@kendall

Monday at 02:42pm

Some days, you write code. Some days, code writes you. #bruised #battered #unbowed #alsonotwithaworkingimplementation—@ndw

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For backstory on ;-gate (no, not smileygate, semicolon-gate) see—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers /me rolls eyes.—@ndw
@ndw I don't know why, but left me giggling like a mad woman.—@shelleypowers

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Love all of the great photos created in @camerabag! Check out the 12 featured in the new @mashable gallery:—@camerabag
@camerabag Twelve photographs presented as a video? #fail—@ndw
@ndw heh, well... that wasn't us, but it's a slideshow. ;) thanks for checking it out!—@camerabag

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It was commonly held to be the most copied book in computer science.—@codinghorror
@codinghorror I’m pretty sure I have a faded photocopy of it somewhere amongst my papers.—@ndw

Monday at 04:21pm

I don’t want to complain, but those don’t look like any timezones I’ve ever heard of:—@ndw

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Just had an idea: Could apps ask if you want to update them when you CLOSE them, rather than you open them? (Adobe & Vidyo, this means you)—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides as long as they don't do that windows thing where they insist and suddenly turning off your box takes arbitrary time.—@ndw
@ndw Right. That Windows things sucks, particularly when you're shutting down because the power's out and you're on a UPS.—@mikeloukides

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@ndw @peteaven I've heard Pittsburgh called lots of things. But never "gritty pitty". :) (assuming you were talking about Pgh).—@arh
@arh @ndw Pittsburgh aka PGH aka Steel City aka The City of Bridges aka The Gritty Pitty! ;)—@peteaven
@arh @peteaven I got that straight from Pete so it must be true.—@ndw

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Chandler quote of the day: “I was neat, clean, shaved and sober and I didn't care who knew it.”—@amyvdh
@amyvdh Out of curiosity, are these all from a particular Chandler novel?—@ndw
@ndw all different ones but I particularly like Farewell My Lovely and The Big Sleep for starters—@amyvdh

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I don't trust cartoon mode of thought that now dominates; basic unit of thought is sentences arranged into paragraphs forming an argument.—@kendall
@kendall but I do think your 'cartoon mode of thought' piece is provocative and desperately needs more than 140 character treatment—@simonstl
@simonstl I can do it easily in 140 chars: I mean Tufte's PowerPoint arg; which phenom now infects geek culture in form of wordless slides.—@kendall
@kendall thanks - reference helps.—@simonstl
@kendall Damn straight!—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:28am

Almost 33 miles. I think I won’t sit on my bike seat again for a couple of days. #ow #ow #ow—@ndw

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Firefox choked on webex for me, but IE seems to work fine #MarkLogic Big Data Search webinar—@peteaven
@peteaven Firefox #DOA did you try #chrome ? The browser of all Real Men—@DALDEI
@DALDEI well, according to my sociologist wife, gender isn't binary, it is a spectrum. so if chrome will make me extra-mannish, I'll try it—@peteaven
@peteaven I could drive truck through that opening, dude!—@ndw
@peteaven glad my wife is binary—@DALDEI
@DALDEI @peteaven Oh that came out wrong ! Fixed: I'm glad my wife's concept of gender is binary and her's is unary—@DALDEI
@DALDEI @peteaven Are you sure that didn’t come out wrong too?—@ndw
@ndw @DALDEI LOL! Thanks, I needed that. living a nightmare at the mooment, Remote Desktopping into a box to RD into a box to debug #fried—@peteaven

Tuesday at 10:23am

@ronhitchens Good luck!—@ndw

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I can’t even begin to guess how specific images on become popular. I guess I should track referrers or something.—@ndw
@ndw What SW did you choose for your photos—@DALDEI
@DALDEI MarkLogic of course. Duh.—@ndw
@ndw I am quite liking the name: phoToman sounds really good to me.—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman Hah! Nice.—@ndw

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I'll wait for beta 2—@DALDEI
@DALDEI Fair enough. I plan to poke at the setup instructions and such “real soon now” But #Balisage paper first!!!—@ndw

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Romney/Cheney 2012—@kendall
@kendall Oh. Dear. Gawd.—@ndw

Tuesday at 12:44pm

Finger memory slowly coming to terms with my new ~20 character master password.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:12pm

Hmm. @United is now trying to sell me an upgrade. I wonder if that means automatic premier upgrades are going to be harder to come by.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:40pm

I wasn't aware about Seems as useful tool not only for debugging, but also for simulating slow networks Thx to @abtris—@jirkakosek

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On Tax Day, I say: tax the churches. #anticlericalmotherfucker—@kendall
@kendall LOL. Works for me.—@ndw

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How fitting on Tax Day, when we all feed the endless war machines, that we also give up spacefaring as a civilization. #faints—@kendall
@kendall Possibly the most depressing XKCD:—@ndw
@ndw Yes.—@kendall

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Twitter's Inventor's Patent Agreement (IPA): a big step forward.—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides I fear terms and conditions will apply if ever they decide to go another way.—@ndw

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WS-Calendar: just what the world needs. Thanks, OASIS!—@mnot
@mnot Oh. The. Horror.—@ndw
@mnot Wait, I'm confused. This is 2012, isn't it?—@JeniT
@JeniT Apparently. They're the ones defining the calendar, after all. Maybe it's actually WS-Tardis!—@mnot

Tuesday at 07:46pm

Hello martini, fancy finding you in my glass. Shall we watch The Prisoner together? Yes, let's. "Checkmate"—@ndw

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RT @thinkprogress: In 23 seasons, there have been ZERO non-white Bachelors or Bachelorettes #icymi—@kendall
@kendall There have been *twenty-three* seasons of that crap?—@ndw
@ndw History's greatest monsters, clearly.—@kendall

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I accidentally ate the wrong half of my bagel first!—@JeniT
@JeniT If it hadn't been accidental, it could have been tentative or adventurous exploration of new experiences.—@Bari10
@Bari10 It wasn't a good one. Felt completely wrong :(—@JeniT
@JeniT Top or bottom?—@CorbasLtd
@CorbasLtd Top first, bottom last, as the bottom is nicerer.—@JeniT
@JeniT Huh?—@ndw
@ndw Which part did you not understand?—@JeniT
@JeniT The part where there was a correct half to eat first.—@ndw
@ndw How can you *not* have a correct half to eat first? You can't just make an arbitrary decision each time, surely!—@JeniT
@JeniT @ndw Sounds like a Decision Policy is needed here—@jreschke
@JeniT @ndw just for future reference and to avoid the risk of impropriety, which is the correct half ?—@hadleynet
@hadleynet @JeniT And, he thinks belatedly, you can get good bagels outside of NYC? Are you *sure*?—@ndw
@ndw Did I say "good"? /cc @hadleynet—@JeniT
@hadleynet Top first, bottom last, obviously; can't believe people don't know this! /cc @ndw—@JeniT
@JeniT Uuuhhhmmm. I guess I’m just a real risk taker. I live life on the edge. No rules!—@ndw
@ndw @jenit I always eat the middle first—@ldodds
@ndw @JeniT A righteous man starts with the left side.—@alexmilowski
@JeniT @ndw There's not right or wrong side of a bagel to eat first; there's only one side with more stuff on it. #bagelinclusionist—@kiphampton

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Some of y’all wanted the bits that run, so have at it:—@ndw
@ndw Thanks! We'll have a look.—@whovingh

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:11pm

“Oh, thank god, the plumber made it fit.” is the sort of sentence you don’t want to be heard uttering on the internets.—@ndw
@ndw dunno. my twitter job description says "web plumber" and if somebody thinks i made things fit (well), i consider my job done.—@dret
@dret @ndw anchor—@mamund
@ndw and like any self-respecting plumber, i don't want to see things break right after i am done, so i hope it lasts a while.—@dret
@dret about that "plumber" thing, just remember, "this is not a pipe!" ;) /cc @ndw—@mamund

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Genesis of the “plumber” comment:—@ndw
@ndw "Bosch, there is no better one.." (Dutch adv text.. :-P)—@grtjn

Wednesday at 12:28pm

Ooh! The Galaxy Tab 7.0 with ICS. Want to try one of the bigger mobile phones first, but 7” is my ideal tablet size. #android—@ndw

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@npilon so right about git stash. I'd never bothered with it until your twit-panegyric.—@grechaw
@grechaw git stash is the bomb. I use it with my git svn xdmp repository all the time.—@ndw
@ndw @grechaw git stash is why I wanted to learn git. I'm already interrupted and rarely able to finish debugging & tesing a change—@eedeebee
@eedeebee @ndw Indeed better than having six branches called 'bogus temp1' 'bogus tmp2' etc etc.—@grechaw

Wednesday at 02:18pm

A definitive guide for parsing numbers with regular expressions.—@lizardbill

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I got porn spam sent to a long list of To: addresses. Now I’m getting all the “stop sending me this stuff” CC’s. #facepalm—@ndw
@ndw we should start a support group...—@dret
@ndw the adult classifieds stuff. About to block it on my server.—@karlpro
@ndw being able to blacklist a domain at the MX level of your mail provider is really, really handy.—@mnot
@mnot but that doesn't really help you because the spam victims seem to think "reply all" is a great idea. @ndw, "Adultclassifieds", right?—@dret
@dret Got it in one.—@ndw
@dret @ndw sure it does; it's a mailing list :)—@mnot
@mnot unfortunately, you're right. more garbage piling up in my mailbox as we speak... amour-network, please crash around now. (cc @ndw)—@dret
@ndw BLOCKED. done. ;)—@karlpro

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I am pretty sure this is the first and last time the team will use Google Hangout—@liza
@liza It’s been working pretty well for us.—@ndw
@ndw @liza We use it for meetings too. Video + Shared Google Doc for Minutes. Works fine for us?—@gcarothers

Wednesday at 09:18pm

The plural of "isolated incident" is "systematic problem".—@sigfpe

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Commander Keen ported to mobile would be cool, right? It's not just me?—@ndw
@ndw no, commander keen would be awesome—@peropaal

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LOL. @timberners_lee "one line" answer took about 20 #www2012—@cdavisafc
@cdavisafc So, relatively concise then :-)—@ndw

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Hello oxford. My you look damp. #fb—@louBurnard
@louBurnard welcome home!—@ndw

Thursday at 07:47am

The #Hallo rich text editor now has a proper domain: See also & #IKS—@bergie

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Emails were scrapped from WhatWG and have been used with an Adult Classified web site. Getting hammered with email.—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers Ain’t we all.—@ndw

Thursday at 08:00am

RT @FrancescaHoule B-E-F-O-R-E not B4. We're speaking english, not playing bingo. /via @ComedyPosts—@ndw

Thursday at 08:04am

I’m occasionally asked to moderate panels. Good advice: /via @edd—@ndw

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So what happened? Have the words "me" and "you" been deleted from the English language to be replaced by "myself" and "yourself"?—@al3xbrown
@al3xbrown Beats myself, what about yourself?—@ndw
@ndw arhghgh ;-) Is this just a UK phenomenon?—@al3xbrown
@al3xbrown I'm not familiar with it, but I lead a fairly sheltered existance.—@ndw

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The reward for being on time to telcons is ... waiting for everyone else to join. *grumble*—@ndw
@ndw But there is still two minutes to go, right?—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens I guess. Or at least there were four minutes ago :-)—@ndw

Thursday at 11:00am

Watching @georgebina demo remote debugging of #MarkLogic queries in #oXygen is damned impressive.—@ndw

Thursday at 02:58pm

There are still bits of RDF scattered through my address book and appointments. I should hook up Stardog to my ingestion process.—@ndw

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Yo, @ndw & @simonstl I vaguely recall several proposals for a syntactically simplified form of XML. But I can't find anything. Thoughts?—@kendall
@kendall You mean JSON? #trollsmile—@kiphampton
@kiphampton @kendall Must. Not. Rise. To. The. Bait.—@ndw
@ndw Worry not. That was meant with the deepest and bitterest irony. :-)—@kiphampton
@kiphampton Heh. Glad to hear it :-)—@ndw
@kiphampton That's one I don't need a pointer for. :>—@kendall
@kendall My last thoughts are here: but there have been others, I”m sure.—@ndw
@simonstl @ndw Thx! YAML I obvs remember and am looking at. :>—@kendall

Thursday at 03:37pm

Bit of code doesn’t work. Copy file. Undo changes until it works. Redo changes. Code works. Compare to copy: no difference. #thingsihate—@ndw

Thursday at 06:29pm

Dear #facebook, I don’t log in very often, but could you please stop asking me to identify my device *every* time I do?—@ndw

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Dear #lazyweb I need to get up to speed on RDF. Local context is MarkLogic + UIMA-ish content enrichment. (Looking at you @ndw and @JeniT)—@whovingh
@whovingh I DM’d an email address. Fill me in and I’ll try to help.—@ndw

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Urgh, people who put two spaces after full stops. There's no reason. Stop. It's HTML for fucks sake, it doesn't even goddamn show. Idiots.—@tommorris
@tommorris It’s a muscle memory, not as easy to unlearn as you might think, though I think I’ve mostly succeeded now.—@ndw

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As someone with little or no graphical talent, Fico has become indispensable. 19€ well spent.—@ndw
@ndw Helveticons, too—@kendall
@kendall Yeah, nice, but a good deal more expensive.—@ndw

Friday at 07:11am

Hmph. “If the nth term of the Fibonacci series is prime, then n is also prime (where n > 4).” /via—@ndw

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My English is joy to read in meeting minutes taken by a native speaker.—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman Uuuhhhmmmm. What? ;-P—@ndw
@ndw Really. You make me look almost intelligible.—@vojtechtoman

Friday at 08:54am

An all to common feeling. RT @hcayless I have a feeling somebody's screwed up, and I hope it isn't me...—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 10:10am

Do you prefer to use XML languages with an XML syntax (e.g., XSLT, RNG) or a non-XML syntax (e.g., XQuery, RNC)? Why? #seriousquestion—@ndw
@ndw similarly, I'd rather write AsciiDoc and read/process DocBook or XHTML—@abdelazer
@ndw I prefer to query or transform a language with an XML syntax, i like the fact that RNC/RNG gives me this choice #seriousquestion—@jonathan_robie
@ndw Non-XML. XML was built optimized for machines to understand, not people.—@hunterhacker
@ndw the fact that XML is its own metalanguage is one of the most important features ... or should be—@jorabin
@ndw mixture of xslt xpath and xquery. Primarily xsd and dtd.—@kingargyle
@ndw depends entirely on the language and usage. Sometimes XML attributes are very useful, sometimes unnecessary.—@fridgebuzz
@ndw Aesthetically, I prefer non-XML syntax (RNC > RNG). But not a strong pref. & XML wins if I ever have to manipulate it programmatically—@hcayless
@ndw The latter, much easier to read, often much more compact.—@collwhit
@ndw XML syntax as I'm really used with and I can use custom entities as shorthands; also I can transform it with XSLT for fun—@gridinoc
@ndw I use XQuery as it's what I learned at MarkLogic and so far has always worked for me. #notinteresting But interested in replies u get—@peteaven
@ndw would you prefer XPath if it had an XML syntax?—@abdelazer
@ndw xml is "noisy" and verbose, so I prefer to read / write RNC or XQuery - better signal-to-noise, easier to eyeball #seriousquestion—@jonathan_robie
@ndw What I like most about a language like XSLT is that my output is guaranteed to be well-formed because the templates have to be.—@doriantaylor
@ndw Overall verbosity relative to the task and the need to generate (rather than just consume) the tool grammar are also big factors.—@kiphampton
@ndw #TEI XML with TEI ODD meta-schema generating RNG cuz more readable than RNC. XSLT for some transformation, XQuery for db-like queries.—@jamescummings
@ndw It's also helpful to know when looking at, say, RNC, which is easy to type, that it's isomorphic to RNG (same goes for Turtle/RDFXML).—@doriantaylor
@ndw Depends entirely on the task and how often the XML tool grammar makes me bend over backwards (CDATA escapes, lt; vs <, etc)—@kiphampton
@ndw I prefer to avoid XML syntax whenever possible. It's verbose and same semantics can be accomplished with about 90% fewer characters—@maksim2042
@ndw It varies with the problem. Non-XML is less typing, but more learning, so it's a trade-off. Wd never type RNG, but happy w XSLT.—@larsga
@ndw RNC, certainly, but I like that I can transform it as RNG. I hate XQuery syntax, so I can't comment on that—@abdelazer
@ndw on the other hand, when I implemented an Relax parser, RNG was much simpler to break apart.—@mdubinko
@ndw prefer non-XML - syntax overhead of XML is problem for me. history from Laszlo, mixing XML & ecmascript showed add'l issues w/XML—@eedeebee
@ndw I prefer those with an XML syntax. Editing them feels safe and well-known.—@MarieBilde
@ndw I'm very comfortable coding XSLT (esp in emacs). But for topic maps, much prefer CTM to XTM. Some JSON for progressive rendering—@EileenOttawa
@ndw non-XML syntax, just because is cleaner on my eye—@migueldeicaza
@ndw I prefer a notation I can think in. Readability matters. RNC over RNG any day.—@mdubinko
@ndw XML syntax, b/c it allows my brain to think exclusively in angle-brackets, not have to switch back and forth.—@whovingh
@ndw non-XML syntax: I can wrap my head around the code. I cannot format code within a data structure to my liking. #seriousquestion—@lcahlander
@ndw I like both. I see XSLT as a hybrid - the XSLT instructions give useful structure to attach the non-XML XPath to.—@pgfearo
@ndw depends; never felt comfortable w/ XSLT or XQueryX, so when it comes to programming: non-XML, when it comes to modeling XML.—@micheee
@ndw compact. But it must have a good support from text editors. XSLT is useful because you're sure the output is XML—@olivierjeulin
@ndw Non-XML syntax, less verbose and easier to read & write—@chrisgst
@ndw Depends. Non-XML syntax is more concise and easier to write (and read). However, I'm still a fan of XSD and RNG. Belongs to the family—@mstuehrenberg
@ndw but XSLTC would definitely be a +. IF it guaranties that the output is valid XML. Less typing, easier reading. Keep XML for programs—@olivierjeulin
@ndw It depends on how verbose the XML, on how incomprehensible the alternative.—@robinberjon

Friday at 10:11am

P.S. “I prefer not to use XML languages” is a much less interesting answer to me just at the moment.—@ndw

Friday at 10:53am

Huh. Apparently I never blogged about supporting the text() (#RFC5147) fragment identifier scheme in #XInclude in #XMLCalabash. #mybad—@ndw

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Now that's what you need to make electric vehicles viable: A battery with an energy density of gasoline.—@eliasisrael
@eliasisrael Or, you know, to *drive less*—@ndw
@ndw You know that "drive less" sounds a lot like "live less" to me, right? That's not going to change.—@eliasisrael

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All programmers stand up now and walk around for 5 minutes: our profession is killing us.—@kendall
@kendall Could it do that just a little faster, please? #oneofthosedays—@ndw

Friday at 11:58am

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I like JavaScript and I endorse this message:—@psd
@psd Those seem like good rules to me.—@ndw

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Why isn't Anywhere GPS compatible with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? It works with the TMobile Galaxy Nexus.—@elharo
@elharo What T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus?—@ndw

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There should be more #XMLCalabash tweets for #XProc. Calabash rocks! ...and it has an API for embedding too!—@alexmilowski
Heh. RT @alexmilowski There should be more #XMLCalabash tweets for #XProc. Calabash rocks! ...and it has an API for embedding too!—@ndw

Friday at 03:09pm

Oh, heaven help me. The #Balisage subset of DocBook I wasn’t under enough pressure to deliver today. *SIGH*—@ndw

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citetitle isn’t allowed!? #Balisage #DocBook—@ndw
@ndw <tag> isn't allowed either. It's a useful element when you're talking about markup.—@cramerdw

Friday at 03:12pm

example isn’t allowed!? #Balisage #DocBook (I’ll stop now,...)—@ndw

Friday at 03:56pm

Ha! I just asked #Emacs to open a 265Mb image and it didn’t even blink. #lovemesomeemacs—@ndw

Saturday at 03:05am

@ndw xml is fundamentally a compromise as a prg syntax, though I find it useful for where literate programming enhances comprehension—@xquery

Saturday at 03:06am

perhaps a stray neutrino changed you ! RT @ndw:.... Compare to copy: no difference. #thingsihate—@xquery

Saturday at 12:56pm

MilagePlus History is different from history when you’re on your current MilagePlus page. Because @united’s website wasn’t broken enough.—@ndw

Saturday at 04:32pm

On the intersection of text/plain documents, RFC 5147, XInclude and #XMLCalabash:—@ndw

Sunday at 03:25am

@ndw on identifying fragments of plain text - useful! #rfc5147—@danja

Sunday at 04:46am

like it, a useful tool RT @danja: @ndw on identifying fragments of plain text - useful! #rfc5147—@xquery

Sunday at 05:04am

Copper Horse Mobile Security Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ndw @revector @vgholkar—@drogersuk

Sunday at 09:01am

hoping that @ndw's post on text/plain document fragments with RFC 5147 and #XInclude will get the latter fixed asap.—@dret