XML Calabash 1.0.8 released

Volume 16, Issue 3; 04 Feb 2013

Announcing the 1.0.8 release of XML Calabash for Saxon 9.4.

Version 1.0.8 of XML Calabash is a stable release of my XProc processor.

Following the “checkpoint release” from a few days ago, I spent some time cleaning up the open issues and getting feedback. This evening, I released 1.0.8 which fixes a few small bugs and implements a couple of new extension steps:

  • Fixed issue #32: support UnparsedTextURIResolver in the p:xslt step.

  • Fixed issue #51: if we have to create an XMLReader, make sure it's namespace aware.

  • Amend patch for issue #63: make sure an XProcException changes the exit status as well.

  • Fixed issue #64: added com.xmlcalabash.config.{global,user,local} system properties to control loading of configuration files.

  • Fixed issue #70: Tweaked the OSGi metadata.

  • Implemented pxp:compress and pxp:uncompress steps.

One point of interest: there is no Saxon 9.3 version of this release. An utterly baffling bug has been observed in the Saxon 9.3 branch: in a p:when test, when the expression boolean(string-length(/element/@uri) > 1) is evaluated by Saxon 9.3, it returns the string value of the uri attribute! That would, on the surface, seem to be impossible, so I am not releasing it at this time. I'm secretly hopeful that no one will ever ask and I can quietly sunset the 9.3 branch.