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Volume 8, Issue 85; 29 May 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Happy birthday × 2.

Another year has passed. Though you won't see this for a few more days (as I'm on vacation with no net access), today marks the second anniversary of this blog.

[Update: I finally had a chance to compile some additional statistics, as I did last year.]

In the last year, I've written 208 essays, for a total of 412 in 730 days. Those 412 essays have been served 496,612 timesApproximately. I lost a few days of logs here and there. in the last year. More than 130 gigabytes of data were shipped out in the same time period. The most popular essays have been:

Table 1. Most Popular Essays

With one exception, my only slashdotted essay, all of the essays are from 2002 and 2003. I expect that this is related to searches. The most popular searches were:

Table 2. Most Common Searches

The most popular image searches were:

Table 3. Most Common Image Searches
Search String Hits
statue of liberty 69323
castle 23317
united nations 12023
waterfall 11348
arc de triumph 10061
mansion 9677
ferris wheel 9452
liberty 9247
budda 8079
sunset 7644

I haven't had a chance to consider what else the distribution might mean.

As ever, it's good to have you here. Be seeing you.